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“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schulz

I was sent some chocolate to trail a couple of weeks ago . I know, I know hard job but  somebodies got to do it !  It was quite literally like all my birthdays had come at once.

I’d love to say these ‘slabbs’ lasted a while, but truth be known we did them both in one night! The BF and I are total chocoholics BUT  that’s good going even for us…

I’m the kinda girl who hides chocolate all around the house , hoping I’ll forget where I’ve put it which will stop me eating it so quickly, if at all .  I never forget … never ever …not where chocolates concerned anyway. Car keys, pens and purse that’s a different story!

So let me introduce you … you never know you might find yourself up close and personal on the settee with a slab of your own very soon!

The Slabb is a brand of delicious fully loaded chocolate with something for every taste. I was sent two white chocolate bars:

The Amaretto One – 150g

This was my favourite of the two bars I was sent.

I’m not a massive white chocolate fan as I find it quite sickly but it tasted nice. Chunky and satisfying.

This is found within the Tipsy Range. They use the finest white chocolate and infuse it with Amaretto, topped with raspberry pieces and toasted almonds.

It almost looks too pretty to eat. I said almost !! #demolished

The Unicorn One – 150g

The name is everything !

Pink chocolate, mini marshmallows, sprinkles and edible glitter make this SLABB the perfect gift for your unicorn obsessed friends.

If , like me, you like your chocolate cold and hard direct from the fridge it can be quite tricky to break a piece off but nothing a little patience , strong wrists or tiny hammer wouldn’t sort out… all else fails just nibble.

SLABB are currently in the throws of raising funds for a new mould and are also about to relaunch at the beginning of July.

The chocolate bars would make a lovely gift, just add flowers, or not. Perfect either way.

Presentation counts for a lot in my books and if I received one of these slabs I’d be well chuffed. I’d still demolish it in no time but I would appreciate its beauty first; take some piccies, maybe stick them on Instagram !

I’m hopefully going to be working with these guys again in the future  and maybe even hosting a little give a way … so watch this space! YAY !

What’s your favourite chocolate – white , milk or dark? 

I’d love to know … you know just for research purposes. I’m nosey like that!

Mines milk just in case you were asking and my birthdays in December. I’ll be 47. I’ll need ALL the chocolate !!

Until next time, Tracey x

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