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I can’t remember the exact date I was told I needed to wear glasses. It was probably sometime during the early 90’s.

I can remember the awful sinking feeling … chuffing geeky glasses. I was destined to live out the rest of my life looking like bloody Deirdre Barlow!

The eye test that determined I needed help in itself was weird. Not weird in a bad way but just weird all the same and something I doubt I’ll ever forget!

My optician at the time also happened to be my mums. He had come highly recommended by her .

Mum reassured me he was lovely adding ‘and he’s also rather handsome Tracey’ I was young and things like that they mattered … what can I say I’d rather have some good looking young man examine my eyes over  some old fuddy duddy any day.

What she didn’t forewarn me about was how close ‘Mr Handsome’ got to you while he was examining your peepers.

It was verging on uncomfortable.

Lots of his hot breath on my cheeks. Mr Handsome with his shiny little ‘torch tool’ encroaching on my space, poking around and in my eyes. His face almost touching mine ; it felt like I might suffocate.

Thoughts running through my head at the time included –

  • Could he see up my nose ?
  • My pores must look massive?
  • Please don’t wipe my eyebrows off!
  • I’m gonna kill mum!

* * * * * * * *

Luckily times have changed for the better and things have progressed. A lot.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago where I had an appointment booked with the lovely guys at Cross Eyes.

I had desperately needed an eye test and I was keen to update my glasses which must have been over 10 [and then some] years old.

I’d also been speaking to a friend. She was telling me about her partners eye-ball problems.

It went something along these lines [ I apologise as I was abit drunk at the time] He was scheduled to have an emergency operation; he had Glaucoma and his eye could have potentially exploded due to the increased pressure if not treated.

This had all been picked up in an eye test!

This information was enough to get me running to the bloody optician. If anybodies eye ball was destined to blow up you could guarantee it’d be mine!

I can remember once sticking a couple of eggs in the microwave. I’d left them in there too long. As I removed them and they became exposed to air they exploded with a right bang everywhere … [but mostly in my face] almost blinding me in the process and leaving nasty scould marks all over my eyelids.

That was painful enough!

* * *  * * * * *

Cross Eyes, Sheffield are based on Division Street. The are situated roughly halfway between The Steam Yard and The Forum [but on the opposite side of the road] which let’s be honest isn’t a bad place to be !

It’s a beautiful open, non fussy space with a simple yet very stylish interior. It’s a Danish brand of typical Danish design.

I met with Alison and Karl.

Alison [above] is front of house and gave me my initial assessment and glasses consultation. Karl is the optician who undertook my eye test.

The Price list is on the wall so you know exactly how much everything is going to cost you. No nasty surprises, or hidden charges.

Basically you get an eye test, a choice of ANY of the frames in whole of the shop and your lenses for the set price of £145.00 . Over 3 +/- its slightly more expensive.

It’s a great concept and like I said earlier simple. 

I like simple.

Before I even saw the optician I undertook a range of tests to determine the current state of my eye sight.

I could try and get technical at this point , advise the machines official names but you’d probably not know what I was talking about anymore than I do.

So in lay-mans terms Alison had me undertake various tests which included:

Having my eye pressure checked by a machine that squirted blasts of air into the eye.

To check my periphery vision I was asked to sit at a machine with a patch over one eye, the other eye looking into a screen. Every time I saw a little orange light I was asked to press the buzzer.

I did good on them all apparently. Go me!

The results were collated then electronically sent through to the Eye Test Room where I was then asked to make my way too.

With my results to hand Karl set about my ‘proper’ eye test, even taking a photograph of the back of my eye. Something I’m still boring anybody that will listen to me to death about! [below]

It looks like a big beautiful tangerine!

It was all very professional but laid back and friendly at the same time.

I tend to ask a lot of questions which Karl was more than happy to answer, even going as far as to showing me diagrams on the computer.

As well as the usual things you’d find in an examination room there was also a seating area in the way of a big black settee. If you have children or you’ve brought your partner along for moral support they can sit in with you and you can keep an eye on them.

Just little details that make a big difference.

* * * * * * * *

My eyesight hadn’t deterioted as badly as I had envisaged but it had got worse. I’m -2 in each eye now but I wasn’t too disheartened.

With my prescription sorted it was then onto the fun stuff.

Trying glasses on!

The only question was where to start as there were so many glasses to choose from. Not being restricted to certain styles / price brackets [as they are all the same] you are set loose!

There is something for everybody. They have an amazing selection. 

If your slightly more adventurous than me they have some fabulous wacky styles in all shapes, sizes and colours.

In the end it boiled down to a choice between 3 pairs.

Between us we decided that these glasses [below] were the ones for me.

I excitedly collected them a couple of days ago. I love them.

The whole process from start to finish took less than 2 weeks. It was all very straight forward just as I like things.

Very Danish.

I wound definitely recommend Cross Eyes if your looking to upgrade / get your eyes tested in the future.

No airs and graces, friendly, professional and honest.

As we say around these parts  ‘thyr reight grand

Until next time,

Tracey x

Cross Eyes Opticians can be found at : Unit 4 Eldon Court, 112 Devonshire Green, Sheffield S3 7SF // HERE

* The glasses and eye test were kindly gifted to me  by Cross Eyes. Thankyou so much or your fabulous service. As always the words and opinions are strictly my own * 

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2 thoughts on “Cross Eyes … Cool Danish design in Sheffield 

  1. robjodiefilogomo says:

    What a great name for this place!! It totally makes me want to go there!
    I used to hate wearing glasses, but now that they have such fun styles & colors—I almost consider them a face accessory!! Besides they sorta cover the bags under my eyes! Ha ha

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