Just the little things…

I’ve been pondering again.

Uh oh.

It all started with our plumbing of all things. A faulty tap to be precise; we couldn’t turn the blinking thing off.

Basically because me and ‘him indoors ‘are as useless as each other it’s taken us weeks (and weeks) to get it fixed.

We’ve had to keep the stop tap on ‘off’ and switch the water on as and when we needed it. I’m sure in the process we’ve knackered the heating and I’ve been running up and downstairs like a woman possessed!

No water but a tight arse. Suppose it’s not all bad then!

Making a drink, flushing the toilet and something as simple as washing your hands became a major bloody chore.

If you forgot to turn the water off the kitchen flooded.

We forgot a few times!! I nick-named it ‘soggy slipper syndrome’ but still nothing got sorted.

HOWEVER (drum roll) I’m pleased to advise… we got the tap fixed yesterday.



No more running back and forth to the kitchen to turn the water on and off… and no doubt it will signal the return of my blubber bum.

Water on tap though! Bliss.

The little things.

Which like I said got me thinking…

A few weeks ago I was in Sainsbury’s stood in the queue waiting to pay. The elderly lady in front of us kept turning around and having a good old stare.

On the last occasion she smiled and told me she thought I looked beautiful ( her words not mine), she loved how I was dressed and it was a pleasure to see a young lady making such an effort…bless her.

The boyfriend laughed and joked that she was obviously partially sighted and must have lost her white stick . (I didn’t expect anything else from him to be honest)


I was smiling from head to toe. Those few simple words made my day.

The little things.

The cleaner where I used to work often brought me random gifts. Seeds so I could grow wild flowers, miniature pumpkins? and chocolate bunnies to name a few.

At the time oh how  my work colleagues and I would laugh. The batty old fool.

On my long drive home (Wakefield to Sheffield it’s far enough!) however I’d often be like ‘arrrrhhhh, how sweet… batty maybe, but sweet’

Nobody else got treats, just little old me. I’ve no idea whether she liked me or just felt sorry for me.

The little things.

Last week it was blowing an absolute gale, raining sideways and the road through our village was being dug up.

The usual pedestrian crossing was out of use and basically you had to make a mad-dash to cross the busy main road. Cars literally fly through the village at 60 mph!

The boyfriend on his way to get a sandwich (with my good-self in tow) spotted a fragile -looking old lady, struggling ….he offered to escort her across.

Her little face was an absolute picture and lit up as he looped his arm in hers. Making sure she got across the road safety, in one piece.

They chatted.

She told him her name was Mary. She had lost her husband and that she herself had suffered a mild stoke last year.

She lived in the old people’s home just across the road from our house.

He, in return, told her to knock on our door in future and to not struggle. He would escort her whatever she wanted to go… (lets hope she doesn’t request Barbados eh! )

She will no doubt ‘live’ on the story about the handsome young man who helped her across the road for the next couple of weeks.

My Mr, well he was just happy that he could assist. Good deed for the day and all that.

The little things.

Today I’m going to go and see my mum. We’ll sit in the conservatory (no doubt) with a Baileys coffee, admire her Christmas tree ( it’s a beauty) and munch on mince pie’s (hopefully)

We will chat away about nothing and everything (probably why it’s taken 3 weeks to sort out a pesky tap) but that hour…well it’s special.

Mum and daughter time. Precious.

The little things.

So where am I going with this?

As usual I really have no blinking idea.

I suppose I’m trying to say we should enjoy, appreciate and do a lot more of the little things.

Compliment where it’s due, embrace a stranger (but don’t get yourself arrested)

Be that person that brightens somebodies day.

In the big scheme of things the little things we do could mean something so much bigger to somebody else; they do make a difference.

Christmas is just around the corner the ideal time to do something little…

That friend you’ve been meaning to call. Call them.

They’ll be over the moon to hear from you (hopefully) and you’ll be glad you rang them.

Your elderly neighbour – take them a Christmas card around. Bake them a cake. Make up a food parcel. Send wine.

Show them you care.

You know…

The little things.

Tracey xx

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  1. Back With A Bump says:

    It really is the little things that make a difference. Not long after having the little one and feeing drab I headed out shopping and got complimented twice in a couple of minutes whilst in Asda on how my yellow jumper suited me. Compliments from strangers are always nice! #brillblogposts

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