LADIES THAT LUNCH | Prince of Wales – the big revealing

My family think I’m stark-raving bonkers [ they’d not be far wrong I guess ] They have no idea how blogging works or what it is all about.

I’m a constant source of entertainment to them especially when I ask for a #OOTD photo. They take my photos [under duress] while shouting “poser” or “frustrated model” at me!

A few weeks ago I received an invite for myself and up to 3 friends to attend the press evening of the newly refurbished Prince of Wales at the top of Ecclesall Road. I thought “ha ha” this would be the perfect opportunity for the family to pop along ; see how it works and what I do. It would also be fabulous to spend some quality time together. Since mum died it’s something we don’t do enough.

So last Wednesday evening myself and the ‘lads’ – my Dad, Brother Mark and Boyfriend Michael popped across to have a sneaky peak at the changes for ourselves before it opens to the public on Saturday 26th January .

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Social Sheffield first Supper Club at Silversmiths

Last night one half of the Naughty Forty ladies braved the miserable drizzly weather and winged their way across Sheffield to attend the first Social Sheffield Supper Club. The hosts Silversmiths, on Arundel Street.

That half would be me – Tracey . I’m an erratic driver at the best of times and I’m never really sure how I arrive at my destination in one piece. I’m sure I ventured down several bus and taxi lanes!! I eventually found my bearings and also a rather handy car-park located just a stones-throw from the restaurant.
One of the first to arrive , I was greeted by the Social Sheffield Team – Cathy, Fran and Mick. One by one other ‘guests’ started to arrive; bloggers , photographers , PR ladies, tweeters . To break the ice we were each given a random fact about each other and we then had to find the person that it related too. Good fun with lots of very weird questions being flung at each other. I’m still looking for my lady / gent. Hands up who wishes that their super power was to be-able to tell if you somebody was a cat or dog person?

As we were mingling and to get the proceedings under-way we were each handed a rather delicious Elderberry Martini. Justin our host for the evening explained that all the produce used in Silversmiths menu’s are grown / sourced locally and that the elderberry’s had been foraged earlier that week. That’s fresh for you!

The menu is changed monthly and the food being served reflects that month/ season.  It’s a great concept and Justin is very passionate about it.


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