Collagen Wave…My Appointment with A Fairy Godmother

Wednesday night I met my fairy godmother.

You’ve maybe met her before as she is the angel of a lady who rescued Tracey’s brow’s a few weeks ago. Tracey has raved about her every day since. I was lucky enough to meet her in the flesh and let her wave her magic wand on me too.

Wendy had kindly offered Tracey a Collagen Wave session to review, which Tracey obviously jumped at the chance of having. Unfortunately for Trace but luckily for me (in the kindest sense of the word – and I’m honestly not gloating), she was unable to have the treatment due to her having Cataplexy.

Selfless Tracey who had obviously seen my wrinkles and sagging skin, recognised my need and immediately put me forward for the session instead…such a pal!!

My natural nosiness got the better of me – I grabbed my computer and Googled to see what it was that she had volunteered me for. Collagen Wave is a treatment that combines radio frequency and ultrasound waves to heat up the deeper layers of the skin and helps to encourage the production of new collagen. Apparently an effective way of long term skin tightening and lifting. A kind of microwave for the face!! Hhhmmm…sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

So last night I followed Tracey down the M1 to a suburb of Sheffield and was introduced to the very glamorous, very bubbly and very wonderful Wendy Mordue in her little ‘boudoiresque’ salon. With the warmest of Yorkshire welcomes, she greeted us, settled us down with a cuppa and explained the treatment in full.


IMG_2773 IMG_2769 IMG_2768 IMG_2766 IMG_2765 IMG_2764


All settled on the couch and with Tracey in situ taking photos, Wendy got started and removed the remnants of my day’s makeup. She then placed a large metal plate down the back of my dress which was attached to an ultrasound machine behind me. It sounds uncomfortable doesn’t it but I can honestly say that I couldn’t feel it at all. I was then laid back down while Wendy explained what she would do next.

I seem to have unknowingly matched my outfit to the salon…



IMG_2713 IMG_2712

P8140137 IMG_2750 IMG_2749 IMG_2747 IMG_2745 IMG_2738 IMG_2737 IMG_2735 IMG_2732 IMG_2731
My face was smothered in a gel which would help Wendy slide the probe around my face. I was told that I would feel the probe (which was also attached to the ultrasound machine) heat up but if it got too hot, just to let her know and not to pull away. For 40 minutes, she firmly but gently slid the probe across my skin, paying extra attention to my areas of concern. I actually found the whole procedure very relaxing and therapeutic…not at all painful – even when she turned the heat up!

P8140171 P8140170 P8140169 P8140165 P8140155 P8140152 P8140151 P8140149 IMG_2772 IMG_2729 IMG_2724 IMG_2722 IMG_2706 IMG_2701 IMG_2697 IMG_2692 IMG_2690

With the gunky gel all washed off and a Dermalogica moisturiser smoothed in, I finally got to look in the mirror.

I had been a bit sceptical so was delighted when I saw the results. I kind of expected to look like a cooked chicken with the amount of heat that was applied but no, not a frazzled hen in sight. My jowls, while not quite of bloodhound proportions, had been saggier than I would have liked, however they were the first thing I noticed when I looked at my reflection. A complete lack of jowls…yipppeeee!! On closer inspection my cheeks looks more plumped and my brows (despite already being not as droopy thanks to recent Botox) appeared higher too.

My god it works.


Wendy doesn’t really agree with courses of treatment as like she said, everyone’s face and skin reacts differently to the treatment, however it would be beneficial to have a few consecutive sessions and then maintained with a treatment maybe only once or twice a year. The results are long lasting and should give noticeable improvement over a period of time.

I’ve already booked in for a 2nd session next month….Tracey is not being left out next time either – Wendy is going to be doing a new face peel on her.


 As this is the only salon in Yorkshire to offer Collagen Wave and Wendy is also busy with HD Brows and permanent make up, appointments fill up fast. To book your appointment with our fairy godmother, call Wendy on………..07788 921990

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