Allo Alvor…

I’m sat watching Glastonbury highlights; local lads the Arctic Monkeys are headlining and I love them. I will go one year  – Ive ONLY been saying that for the past 20 years. The idea is romantic , the reality not so.  I cant cope with wee in my hair ( at a recent gig I looked like I’d been in the blinking shower and I smelt divine) never mind not washing for 3 or 4 days!

The weather outside is decidely bleak and Liz my blogging buddy is in Spain. I’ve been back off my holidays a whole 3 weeks, my tan appears to have fell off and to be honest it feels like I’ve never been…I have and I blinking loved it.

We spent a glorious week in Alvor, Algarve at the end of May . Its a beautiful resort,  very child friendly with fabulous beaches. D’s kids had never been abroad before which added to the excitement. Its also the first time I’ve been away with D’s children. If I’m honest I was dreading it, I’m  used to getting ‘merry’ and to partying all night with the girls. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lets just say there were some little disagreements but all in all it was fine. In fact I came back fresh as a daisy and not in need of another holiday, like I usually do!

So after spending some time looking through my photos I thought I would share some memories with you.

You got your seat-belts on as  here we go…

alvor 4

I bought myself  a little treat on the plane journey out to Portugal. GLAMGLOW face mask. If its good enough for Micheal Buble then its good enough me.

To be honest I’m not overly impressed , I cant see its even made that much difference. Juries out on this one…A review will no doubt follow!


While Eddie proceeded to terrorise Dad…


Bling, sunglasses and Body Oil – Holiday essentials

alvor 6

These 2 little munchkins  – Georgy (11) & Eddie (7) – spent the majority of the holidays  in the Pool. Im surprised they didn’t grow fins…

???????????????????????????????            ???????????????????????????????





We stayed at the lovely Hotel Alvor Baia, a fairly new hotel which only opened in August last year. Its very stylish, spacious and clean looking . All black and white with splashes of colour here and there.

There’s FREE wifi but only within the Reception area. This pleased me a lot as I think I am addicted to Instagram!

You know the song that goes  ‘fresh, fresh exciting’ … well that’s this hotel to a T.  The pool is enormous, it was freezing and it dominates the external seating area.

alvor 20



A great play area for small children

alvor 28

Eddie tackles the yoghurt at Breakfast. Look at the concentration on that face!

alvor 27

alvor 46

alvor 22

I got quite partial to coffee and cake for breakfast …

and cocktail of the day at 10.00am on the dot, much to the amusement of the waiters. Well I was on holiday…


The Beach…

You could walk ;  its hot and sticky but luckily on the way there it’s all downhill . It will take you around half an hour to get there from the Hotel.. maybe a-little longer with small children.

There is however a bus – train to the beach directly from outside the hotel. Its very slow … you could probably walk faster but its free and we tended to use it to get to the beach and back. Its easier than walking down with children; it keeps them amused, stops the whinging before it starts.

alvor 30

We were advised by the locals that the  beach was known as The 3 Brothers Beach because of the rocks which lead out into the sea. Its breathtaking, it really is.


This is what happens when I feel the sand between my toes and the sea is within  my sight! whoooooo!!


The same happens to Georgy … we were practically jumping for joy all over!


alvor 13

alvor 8

alvor 12

alvor 56


aLVOR 01

Alvor Town

A 15 minte stroll in the opposite direction takes you into Alvor Town. I always make it a mission to find the local church.

He didn’t let me down…

alvor 25

The Mother Church of the Holy Saviour is a glorious building

alvor 24



Down at the Marina of Portimao


alvor 11


The Lanes of Alvor… bright and beautiful

alvor 19

Holiday Outfits

A snippet into my holiday wardrobe – a couple of the outfits I wore. I’m not sure about you but I love seeing what other people mooched around in…

alvor 21

alvor 29

My Andy Pandy Oufit…Bought from Primark a couple of years ago, which I have recently re-discovered.


From Bedroom Floor to reality …

alvor 5

Shorts with my favourite Zara top – don’t mind if I do …when in  Portugal do as the locals do! Get yer legs out!!

alvor 1

Below : Dress by New Look

alvor 9

Sorry all the outfit pics have been taken by myself. I have an impatient partner who cant take a photo to save his life –  I refer to it as shaky hand syndrome , and if truth be known can’t be bothered to take photos of me either!

All in all we had a great time, and the week flew by far too quickly. Alvor really is a beautiful place with something for everybody.

alvor 31

I hope our paths cross again one day… soon!

* snaps finger * and its back to reality …

I’ve got some catching up to do on  Glastonbury, and I need another Baileys on Ice.

I plan to slouch on the settee,  half naked with my glass of creamy deliciousness; the perfect place to watch in the safe knowledge I can then trot off to my warm ‘mud-free’ bed and dream of yet more holidays

Tracey x

5 thoughts on “Allo Alvor…

  1. Jasefarquhar says:

    Just returned from alvor and although it was busy as during season it was everything and more as described. Loved it and will go back one day and stay more into the town. My email if ever you want. X brilliant blog girlies

  2. lizandtracey says:

    Hello Lovely,

    Thank you for the compliments , you charmer.
    Room 101 or was it 102? It was definitely one of those and its definitely a great place/hotel/resort !
    I’m so envious you are going and I’m sure you will have a great time. Cant wait to see your updates on Instagram.

    Have a great time, Tracey xx

  3. Jasefarquhar says:

    Love this blog Tracey. Your looking stunning as ever and legs look very yummy.
    I can’t wait to go here even more now. I have 9 days left waiting. I’ll have to remember your room number and go find it. Great review hun xx

  4. Laura4NYC says:

    My friend went to Glastonbury this year, it seemed like he had a ton of fun. We have something equivalent to it in Germany, it’s called “Rock am Ring” and also hosts a quazillion amount of rock bands. Anyhow, nice vacation shots!

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hello Laura, and thank you for popping by and saying hello.
      I will have to check ‘Rock am Ring’ out as I have never heard of it before.
      The only trip I have ever made to Germany was to Berlin – a fabulous city.

      Please visit us again soon, Tracey x

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