Massages and relaxation at Moddershall Oak Spa …

I don’t think it could honestly have come at a better time.

Liz’s fibromyalgia had been particularly bad. Although  her symptoms mean that her body hurts constantly apparently it had been a lot worse than usual. Last week was a killer by all accounts.

And me ….

I recon I was only a couple of days off being whisked away to the funny farm… courtesy of the ‘turps’ mishap on my face only last week and the never-ending house sagar, which is a case of 2 steps forward, 3 steps back

The only 2 things that saved my sanity were:

1.) The installation of my new cooker. Its been a while . 8 months if we are counting. Grilled asparagus you were worth waiting for .

2.) A spa day at Moddershall Oaks !

We were invited to spend a day at the spa, which included drinks on arrival, full use of the spa, including a limited edition massage of our choice and a 2-course lunch.

Having visited once before we were both extremely excited about the prospect of spending some time there. It really is beautiful.

We arrived just after 9.00am which had meant a rather early Sunday morning start for us both. It’s approximately a 2 hour drive from Sheffield to Staffordshire. Poor Liz had to drive even further from Wakefield!

It was well worth it.

Dairy Lea dippers and ‘chit chat’ saw us through.


On arrival along with a fresh glass of orange juice we were handed our schedule which detailed massage and lunch times  and a menu so we could pre-order lunch. Continue reading

Moddershall Oaks Spa & Country Retreat

It appears that as well as take all the cutlery my ex had also taken all the flipping razors. He had left me just the one – Mr blunt and useless! Always on the last lap and looking more woolly mammoth than lady I decided that perhaps I had better shave my legs on Friday evening in preparation for the spa, Saturday.

Let’s just say what started out as a lovely relaxing bath ended up with me frantically running around with a face pack on and towel in mild panic mode ‘up-turning’ the house for a razor. You’ll be pleased to know I found one, it was on its last legs but did the job. I decided against false tanning. The night I was having it was bound to end in a streaky disaster. Pale and interesting it was then!

We had been invited by the lovely people at Moddershall Oaks Spa to come and have an evening of rest and relaxation and to experience the new outdoor Jacuzzi area. We both jumped at the offer. We met at Tankersley Manor on Saturday afternoon and ‘Thelma and Louise’ style set off on our 2 hour road trip to Staffordshire. Liz drove and I ate jelly babies.

Thankfully we had sat-nav and found our destination fairly easily. Moddershall Oaks is situated in beautiful countryside.

We stopped the car at the entrance-way to watch 2 cows having a fight .

Seriously, we were both transfixed for all of 2 minutes before the novelty wore off and we didn’t care who won. Laughing we  made our way to the car-park. We checked in and were taken into the dining area for a glass of champagne. It really was impressive and tastefully decorated. Continue reading