W A L K S | Sheffield Part 2 – Wyming Brook & The Enchanted Dell

Good evening, how are you ? It is our last evening of freedom here in Sheffield for the foreseeable as we go onto tier 3 [very high] regulations as of 12 midnight tonight

It feels as though we are back in limbo land . I understand the importance of getting the virus in hand BUT if I’m honest with you I am a little fed up of it all . We can’t make plans and therefore we have nothing to look forward to. I can only see my friends in a public park [ it’s bloody October FFS ! ] and all the pubs are shut again !

Luckily I love my walks with Mollie dog and envisage lots more as I try to keep myself preoccupied, keep myself fit AND I honestly think I have watched everything worth watching on Netflix.

Last week I walked A LOT …I discovered a new walk and revisited an old one. I thought I’d share them with you tonight as they are both beautiful.

* The post is very picture heavy.

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A ”Walkies…” a little fashion, lots of flowers and a dog

I have a new friend.

She’s got 4 chunky legs, her fur is chocolate brown [ THE exact colour I want my hair] She’s friendly, with sad eyes. She tends to slather and dribble when she gets excited .

Yes, you’ve guessed it … my new friend is a lovely little Labrador dog called Mollie. We’ve been taking a-lot of walks together. I’m getting heaps of fresh air and my skin is benefiting from big doses of vitamin D. Mollie is getting much needed exercise and letting off steam; she has so much energy! We chat… well I say chat. I talk and she looks at me quizzically, wagging her tail, then runs off to find a stick. We are quite literally bonding over poo bags among the bluebells!



If I’m honest I’m more of a cat lady myself but I’ve taken this little lady to my heart. She’s adorable… even when she’s dribbling.

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