LIFE | Malaga Revisited 2019

Malaga, the Martini of the Sea ‘ – Raphael Perez Estrada

I’ve just returned from another fabulous weekend away with my friends in Malaga . I’m currently wet through after returning from a drizzly dog walk in the woods with Mollie , my only clean jeans are splattered in mud and I’m cold because basically it is cold; more October than June ! It’s not good to be home.

Take me back to the weekend … a white wash of sunshine, fun and friends.

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Concrete Jungle – love it or hate it? Park Hill Flats, Sheffield

Last Saturday I went on my first Instameet, organised by the lovely Zoey Breuer, a friend of a friend.

We met at Sheffield Train Station.

Lots of faces I recognised but couldn’t quite place. That’s IG for you. Enough reason to atleast post one ‘unfiltered’ selfie…you never know when you may bump into some of your IG chums and you want them to recognise you!

Introductions made off we trotted the short distance up and over the train-tracks to Park Hill Flats.

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