The Sheffield Cookbook – Second Helpings .It’s champion…

I’m one of those people that can cook (in a fashion)  … but that rarely does.

I once popped a couple of eggs in the microwave, you know to poach them? (lazy girls guide to cooking) They looked perfectly ok (if a-bit rubbery) until I stuck my fork into one of them and it exploded everywhere. Scared me half to death and scolded my face and eyelids!

On another occasion I took a pan off the hob, bent down to check the oven , as I did placing the pan  onto the kitchen floor.

I totally forgot the flooring was lino, that saucepans are hot and that the 2 don’t mix. Let’s just say mum went chuffing ballistic … but she did get a new floor from it. So in a way I did good …

My intentions are always good but at times the results are a tad disastrous. Saying that my dad did once declare that my Bread and Butter Pudding was the best he’d ever tasted.

I’m the kind of person that likes to settle down on the settee, coffee and cake in hand ,  with a great big cookbook on my lap . Who sits thumbing through the pages, admiring  the delicious looking recipes, maybe stroking the page and sometimes (on occasion) even slathering. Ear-marking which recipes I would make if I had the time or inclination.

That’s why if like me your a ‘wanna-be-but-never-quite-gets-around-to-it-cook ‘ then The Sheffield Cookbook, Second Helpings maybe just the ticket for you. Continue reading