Hello new bathroom and a what’s on my shelves

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We’ve given our bathroom a little make-over and today I thought I’d introduce you.

I say ‘we’ … to be honest apart from complain about the dust , make tea and choose the fabulous toilet seat I didn’t actually do that much . That was all down to my brother and boyfriend who designed and fitted it using [mostly] bits of stuff we had laying around the house / in the metal factory.

I also thought I would incorporate a what’s on my bathroom shelves , so you can have a nosey at the products I use on a regular basis…

So what do you think?

I absolutely love her. I’m calling it ‘industrial chic‘ and as we live in Sheffield – it couldn’t be more appropriate. She’s small and compact but everything I need is at hand and she’s bespoke ! Nobody else has a bathroom like her.

There are still a few finishing touches to do but today we actually hung a mirror [ or rather the BF did ] and it’s more or less complete.

So along with our various towels, numerous candles and succulents … what else is on my bathroom shelves ?

I have 4 baskets FULL of products. One for each of the following – skincare, hair , body and necessaries– toilet rolls, cotton wool balls, Tampax etc.

The baskets are from Home Base; you got 3 different sizes for £10.00. I’m using the larger ones in my bedroom to store my makeup.

On the actual shelves themselves … so I can grab them easily are :

I’ve recently discovered the brand Tropic Skincare thanks to a lady I met on Instagram Jan @tropicwithjan

A couple of my favourite products that she kindly sent me to try are Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask [ £20.00 ]and the Gradual Tan Drops [£22.00]

As a lady who never puts her face in the sun EVER these drops are a godsend. You add a few drops to your normal moisturiser, mix and apply to your face. Over a few hours a lovely, light golden tan develops. You can build the colour up depending on the look you are aiming for. I am aiming for my face to look a similar colour to my body … without makeup I look seriously odd!

I love the bright green Clear Skin mask as it makes me look like the Incredible Hulk *giggles*  and it leaves my skin feeling super clean.

I apply it all over my face … but it can just be used on any areas of concern or isolated spots and left on overnight as a spot treatment.

Pot of gadgets : [ derma rollers, face massager & disposable shavers]

I love to derma roll , as well as improving any scarring I was left with after suffering with acne in my early 20’s … I find it very therapeutic.

The rollers [with different needle sizes] and the sanitizer are all from Swiss Clinic. I worked with them as a brand ambassador for a short while.

You can usually find a full range of derma rollers on eBay which you may also find are considerably cheaper.

I would recommend you try and purchase from a brand you are already familiar with and trust.

Above : Tray of soaps [Left to right. Tropic products have been gifted]

Cleansing Body Pebble – Tropic Skincare [£8.00] it looks like a normal bar of soap however after one use the oatmeal bits are revealed. It gently exfoliates the skin, smells delicious and lathers up nicely . It would be ideal to stick in your wash bag and take away on holiday with you. I will definitely be repurchasing this

Dove Beauty Cream Bar * [ 80p ]- always a favourite … especially with the BF

Polishing Foot Pebble – Tropic Skincare [£9.00] similar to the body pebble but specifically for the feet .

I have dry, cracked heels. It’s been great at smoothing out my skin and it smells of peppermint.

Weleda Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk * [£11.95] – is a beautiful bath milk.

Lavender is known for it’s calming effects and this makes for a lovely relaxing bath . It reduces tension in your joints and aids a peaceful nights sleep. Add 2 capfuls to your bath and relax. Bliss.

I tend to mix it up when it comes to my baths [ I take my bathing very seriously] and I’m also partial to a relaxing bath using Temple Spa Drift Away [£25.00] or Radox Revitalising Eucalyptus Bath Soak * [£3.99]

Both are oils rather than foam baths. Both are delightful

Bergamont and Black Tea CandleSainsbury’s Home [ £9.00 ] smells absolutely divine

I can’t get enough succulents and this one is from from Tesco Home [ £3.00 each].

The Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Handwash was a gift for Christmas and is from Bayblis & Harding. Its not been used yet and is just for show!

Dry Body Brush – Temple Spa [£16.00] is a great way to get your circulation moving, remove dead skin and give yourself a glow

All in All Body Lotion – Temple Spa smells like a spa in a bottle and is one of my all time favourite body moisturisers. I can’t seem to find it on line … it may have been discontinued. Noooooo!!

Epidermal Blanket – Marie Reynolds [£49.99] is seriously good skincare which I’ve raved about to anybody that will listen. When my skin needs some TLC I grab this and my skin instantly feels better.

We bought the coral in Charlestown, Cornwall . We had just scattered my Mum’s ashes into the sea when we stumbled upon a guy selling them. It felt appropriate to buy one; Mum loved her coral and she loved beautiful Cornwall .

When I see it I think about her and smile.

So there you have it…

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with our little make-over AND I never thought It would be possible but I spend more time in the bath now than I did previously! It’s my little sanctuary and probably the only time the BF gets any peace!

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below and any recommendations for fabulous bath products would be greatly received. Like I said earlier … I take this stuff seriously!

Until next time …[is it too early for a bath ?!]

Tracey x

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5 thoughts on “Hello new bathroom and a what’s on my shelves

  1. shannon says:

    Loving this bathroom!! It has such a breezy, chic vibe & super relaxing. The Bergamot is a perfect scent match for it too! x Shannon • www.essellesse.com

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou , it’s been a labour of love. It took a while but I’m so pleased with it.

      Tropics surprised me, I wasn’t expecting much tbh but I’ve used some great bits which I will repurchase. Always love it when that happens

      Thanks for popping across and your comment xx

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