Fathers Day Goodies … the edit

I’m not one for celebrating ‘faddy’ days pushed on us by advertisers intent on making loads of wonga out of us  … you all know my thoughts on Valentines Day.  If you don’t … head over here

There are a couple of days I do enjoy celebrating those being Mothers & Fathers Day. If there’s anyone I want to celebrate and say thank-you too it would be to my parents … mainly for putting up with me for all these years!

Perfect timing its Fathers Day in a few weeks time so I thought today I’d do a gift guide for all those deserving dads out there.  I personally always find it hard to buy for men, don’t you? Hopefully something might catch your eye and inspire you.

Saying that if your dads anything like mine he’ll not even know it’s Fathers Day. He won’t expect anything and would be perfectly happy with just a card and a pint!

Some of these suggestions are cheap and cheerful and some are investment pieces . Something to suit every purse string.

I’m still a big advocate ‘home made with love’ … If all else fails bake a cake ! Show me a dad who doesn’t love his sweet stuff. 

So here goes:

For the Special businessman dad …

[ I say special as this gift will set you back big money but should last a life-time ]

Jack Russell Grained Leather Briefcase   wallet and personalised key ring.

This beautiful set would make the ideal gift for the savvy business man who appreciates good quality accessories and likes to look the part.

It comes in two colourways. This fabulous burgundy colour with contrasting orange detail and also in black.  Unfortunately at the present time it’s only available to purchase in the black.

The Briefcase:

  • Lava grained leather
  • H28 x W38 x D10 – not too big or bulky
  • It has an airtex padded technology pocket which fits a 15-inch device
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Currently available in black only.
  • £520.00 …

The matching wallet comes in at  £160.00 and the personalised key ring £60.00. Details of all // here

For the dad who likes to pamper …

I was recently sent some products to trail from the Balance Active Formula Dragons Blood range which my other half decided he was going to pinch. I did fully encourage him as I was keen to get him into some sort of skincare routine.

He appears to like the products a lot and has been using them for the past few weeks.

The best part about this brand is it’s inexpensive with prices starting at just £3.00.  Yes you heard just £3.00. Ideal price  if your Mr is anything like mine ! It won’t ‘hurt’ so much when they apply a quarter of the tube in one go! Yes this has happened to me before. I sat and watched in disbelief before jumping up to scrape the reminants off his face and back into the pot!

I asked him what he likes about the range ?

Simplicity apparently and the fact that it didn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. This could be attributed to the creams melting texture which ensures fast and easy absorption.

I’ve tried them all out too; it’s a ‘nice’ range.

My favourite out of the three was the Eye Lift. As it’s a lifting gel it’s non greasy which I like to use during the day.  I like to use a more moisturising one in the evening.

Certain eye creams don’t appear to sink into my skin and I find myself with mascara marks halfway down my face where my bottom eyelashes have hit my ‘wet’ skin.

It also gives an immediate tightening effect which I like. At 46 I need all the lifting and tightening I can get.

All the products have a faint but pleasant scent. They contain Dragons Blood Extract and 2% Liftonin Xpress which helps the skin look lifted and tightened.

It’s available in B&M and Superdrug

It left my skin feeling comfortable and most importantly it didn’t break me out in spots. [ does a happy dance ]

For the hairy bearded dad …

Clinique Skin Hydrator and Beard Conditioner – £28.00

I love Clinique and can imagine the men’s range is equally as good as the womans.

Clinique For Men 2 in 1 Skin Hydrator + Beard Conditioner is a moisturising lotion that instantly improves skin and softens beards.

Basically when your dad goes to give you a big cuddle for his gift [in future] his stubble won’t scratch as much … hopefully … and he will smell all lovely.

  • Skin and beard lotion
  • Moisturises skin
  • Softens facial hair
  • Oil free formula
  • 100ml

For the dad whose far too ‘cool for school’ …

Custom Cable BraceletBaileys of Sheffield £249.00

These uni-sex cable bracelets are made in Sheffield – the home of stainless steel.

I’m from Sheffield [ as your probably aware] and I’m very big on supporting local business . So what are you waiting for, go check them out…

  • Made from the highest quality marine grade 316L stainless steel, and hand finished.
  • You can customise the CABLE bracelet – the clasp and cable are available in the original 316L Stainless Steel or in any of our PVD colours and finishes.
  • You can create your own unique clasp, using a separate colour or finish for each of three main sections, alternatively, if you prefer to keep it simple, your clasp can be all one colour or finish.

I had the pleasure to meet the owner and Baileys team late last year at an event they hosted for a group of Sheffield Bloggers. They are such a lovely, fun and friendly bunch of people.

We got chance to try the bracelets on and see the different finishes for ourselves.

They are rather beautiful in the flesh. They are very masculine but I like that.

I’m sure dads with style would love one, and if your dads not got style well maybe it’s about time he started getting some 🙂

Stainless steel bracelet – £179.99

For the dad who likes ‘homely comforts ‘ …

Sabrina Scarlet Designs Cushion – £10 each plus postage.

I discovered this brand recently over on Instagram.  I love Instagram for discovering lots of quirky little [new to me] brands.

These cushions can be personalised and are just a fun pressie.

Who doesn’t love a cushion?

I’m personally loving Grandpa Bear, but then I’m a sucker for bears, cushions and Grandpa’s so what’s not to love? A fun little gift.


If you have young children these would be great to purchase for dad / grandads on their behalf.

Speaking of kids; if you are after a present to give your partner/ husband from them BUT one that you can also enjoy yourself … then why not plump for a cologne? There’s nothing finer than a man who smells good.

I’m a big Tom Ford fan… both his fragrances and the man himself! This smells delicious. He is delicious.

[I wear Black Orchid just for the record …just incase anybody reading ever felt like treating me ]

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Cologne -50ml £72.00

For the dad whose at one with nature …

You can’t go wrong with a succulent, can you?

The pesky little things don’t need much watering , so they are in fact quite hard to kill. Even I [yes me] have managed to keep mine alive for the past 6 months! I kill most things… one of the reasons I never had kids!

Sainsburys have a fabulous selection of succulents starting from just £3.00.

I was running this idea past dad today, he pulled a funny ‘your joking’ face and he said it’s not really something you’d buy a man. Mmmmm, … maybe not back in the day and I’d definitely not buy him one. Not after today’s conversation anyway. But generally I think we’ve moved on a bit haven’t we… succulents aren’t just for woman?

The BF bought me the fabulous plant in the green pot [ below] from our local florist. It might be worth checking yours out if you have one. You never know what you might find. I’m seriously in love with this.

For the dad who likes to cook and has a wicked sense of humour …

Prick with a Fork apron – Shoebob £11.95

I love silly. I bloody love this. I think I might get it for my dad [ or the boyfriend] !

Dad would find it funny … but would probably never wear it. He’s too much of a gentleman.

  • 34″/ 86cm long
  • 65% polyester / 35% cotton
  • Neck tape and am waist ties
  • Novelty workwear

And lastly …

For EVERY dad because they are all super heros!…

Just your average superhero dad qualities hoodie  – Shirtbox £25.99

Hoodies are so versatile; a wardrobe staple. Dog walking, football side-lines, gardening … you name it a hoodie will always come in handy.

  • 3GSM twin needle stitching
  • Eco friendly ink
  • Unique process ensures vibrant long lasting print
  • Made in the UK in Bristol

So there you have it, a mixed bunch of stuff if I say so myself.

I’m spoiling my dad rotten this year. He’s had a tough old time of it recently with mums illness.

He is 73 himself and deserves a day off. To put his feet up and open some treats, I’ll just make sure I stay clear of succulents!

I might even make his favourite – bread and butter pudding. The last time I made this must be going on for 20 years ago now but he always used to say it was the best he had ever tasted.

I’m not sure that’ll still be the case …

I will report back !


Until next time, Tracey x

One thought on “Fathers Day Goodies … the edit

  1. Sue says:

    I think the apron would look good on M when you have your BBQ , remember he is a dad too!
    From Mollie x

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