October Favourites …

Hey up lovelies,

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend?

Mines been fairly quiet but enjoyable non the less. No brief encounters with rats this weekend thank god!

If your not sure what I’m talking about Frankie our cat brought a rat into the house last weekend. (still not quite sure how she managed it as it was bigger than her!) She then tootled off out leaving it sat in the room, with its ugly tail, chewing on computer cables and pooping everywhere!

We ( I say we lightly I escaped upstairs with Mollie) eventually got it out of the house but still felt violated  *shudders*

So Autumn is well and truly in full swing and is still wowing me on a daily basis.

It’s been bright, cool and crisp and I’ve been enjoying my walks with Mollie more than usual as I’ve been taking the (*big) camera out with me. *Olympus Pen E-PL7

Mollies not been too impressed mind , she likes all my attention on our walks and when’s she’s not getting it she gets all moody.

Seriously Labradors have the most expressive eyes and are little actresses. I’m sure all you Labrador owners will vouch for this!

So today I thought I’d do my October favourites (a little early) but first lets just appreciate the month so far.

Ain’t nature grand?



Just a few of the images I’ve captured on  my adventures. These were taken in Beeley Woods, Sheffield which the River Don runs through.

So first up on my favourites list is a dietary supplement in the way of:

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Skin Perfection  – £38.50 

Beautiful skin starts from within and this is taken orally; 5 pumps in the morning, followed by 5 in the evening.

It clears blemishes, balances skin inflammation , provides Rosacea recovery.


I’m still trying to get my head around how it works (I’ve found as I get older things just don’t sink in quickly, or at all ) but I’ll explain the best I can with the help of the lovely Marie Reynolds who I’ve been pestering over on Instagram.

Luckily Marie is extremely helpful (patient) and doesn’t appear to mind .

“Harmonised waters are clever. Like homeopathy has vibrations from succession to treat specific ailments these water are imprinted with high frequency scalar waves. So usually when healthy cells communicate with one another  they have a clear frequency but when a toxic particle is in the body the water in our body is imprinted with that negative frequency and interfere with the cell communication – like the crackling on a radio.

The harmonised waters knock out the negative frequency so the cells can communicate and homeostasis occurs – healthy skin – healthy body – healthy mind”

If you read it a few times it does sink in, or maybe it doesn’t? Either way I am living proof that something is working.

I started taking the Osmosis on 20th September which is more or less a month ago. During this time I’ve noticed a difference in my skin.

My pores don’t appear so large and my skin looks clearer. It feels hydrated but not overly oily. The biggest difference is spots. Lack of them *high fives the air*.

I’ve hardly had any blemishes since I started taking the harmonised water and those I do get basically come and go without much fuss. My jaw line which usually breaks out during my period. Clear. *high fives the air again*

It costs £38.95 for 100ml plus Postage and packaging and is available // HERE It may sound expensive but I recon this bottle will last me another month or so. When you put it like that … totally worth it.

To be spot free I’d spend a lot more.

Sainsburys Succulents – £3.00 each

These caught my eye while I was out shopping a couple of weeks ago.

How cute are they ?




I really love flowers and plants but unlike my mum who is a wizard with all things green, I tend to kill everything in my sight. My fingers are obviously not green in any way shape or form!

I’m not sure if you can kill a succulent … but I’ll keep you updated because if anybody can it’ll be me.

They come in these cute little pots which as well as cream come in bright pink and lime green. £3.00 definitely well spent.

and finally


I know its not really a ‘thing’ but I love it. I fully embrace how the UK has got into it over the past few years in the same way the Americans do.

Pumpkin heads, apple bobbing, scary movies and trick or treating. I love to get my adrenalin running and what better way than watching a horror. ( and I question why I never get any sleep …)


I don’t have children but I always get myself a pumpkin head to carve.

The one above (my artistic streak bares no bounds) has unfortunately had to be thrown away. It started to rot and its face cave in. It was actually quite disturbing and the BF couldn’t cope with it. It gave him the ibby jibbies …( big wuss)

halloween 3.jpg

halloween .jpg

Unless we get invited to a party I probably won’t get the opportunity to dress up.

Boo !!

Well I suppose I could do … but I’m sure the BF would think I’d lost the plot. Sat on the settee in a sheet, with fangs, a bolt through my neck  or something along those lines…watching Emmerdale with a cup of tea 🙂

I’ve always fancied myself as a ‘Vampire Bride’ actually…

” bite me Bradley , bite me”  hee hee

Right that’s your lot – short and sweet this month.

I’ve been sent quite a few products to trail during the past few weeks  and a couple of events to attend so hopefully some of these will feature in Novembers Favourites.

I’ll also have the low-down on some exciting new skincare. (new to me anyway)

Until next time,

Happy Halloween , Tracey x

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5 thoughts on “October Favourites …

  1. Zoe says:

    What a beautiful walk . Had heard of Beeley woods but was never sure where it was. Do you have to go along the path and back the same way or can you do a circular walk ?

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hi Zoe,
      It’s in Oughtibridge and runs alongside the River Don. I’m sure you can do a circular walk as my friend runs it, I tend to walk back on myself.
      It is very beautiful especially at this time of year x

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