Clarisonic ARIA…the boy done good

The boy’s done good…

He obviously took note of my numerous hints and purchased me a Clarisonic ARIA for my birthday / Christmas pressie.

I was beyond excited to try it and he’s a star!


Meet my new toy …



I’ve wanted a Clarisonic for as long as I can remember…and now I have one in my possession *does little happy dance*

It came beautifully packaged in a large red and silver box, which was a good thing really as the Mr handed it over to me in a plastic bag…COMPLETE WITH THE RECEIPT ! (He either can’t wrap or he’s a lazy so so.)

Inside was the Clarisonic (obviously) a special edition cosmetic / wash bag by Keith Haring.  The message ‘Give Love, Joy and Great Skin’ plus a 30ml tube of Refreshing Gel Cleanser…along with a charger and set of instructions.

Like an excited child I used it more or less straight away and more or less straight away my skin looked and felt amazingly clean. It’s not a rough as I had anticipated and it leaves me with a nice, radiant glow.

I’m using the cleansing timer function. This ensures a thorough and even cleansing of your face. The Aria features a proprietary T-TIMER that beeps and pauses momentarily during the cleansing cycle.

Basically I’ve kept it set as the 1-minute factory default settings (mainly because I cant figure out how to blinking change it)

I move the Clarisonic around my face using circular movements….spending  20 seconds on my forehead (beep and move to next area) 20 seconds on my nose / chin (beep and move to next area) and 10 seconds on each cheek (beep and move….beep and move)

There are 3 speeds. 1. Delicate, 2.Universal and 3. Powerful.

Delicate – for fragile skin. Delicate enough for even very sensitive skin conditions

Universal – for normal daily use.

Powerful – when an extra boost is required to loosen and remove set in debris. Ohhhh that sounds so good.

I tend to use mine on powerful  as I’m a gluten for punishment and I like it rough. Which sounded all sorts of wrong when I re-read it in my head.

I expected to break out in spots after the first couple of days usage . I did get a couple of ‘clean spots’. Nothing major.

I use my Clarisonic once a day, usually at night to ensure a  thorough, deep cleanse. I tend to do the routine twice, using 2 different cleansers. I’m not sure this is necessary but it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and it’s quite addictive. It is 2 -minutes of pure satisfaction.

So my first thoughts on the Clarisonic….

I don’t think I could live without it now. The condition of my skin in just 2 weeks is very impressive. My pores aren’t as visible, my skin looks clearer and I don’t need as much make-up.

Luckily for you certain sites have the Aria on sale. You might pick one up with a great saving. I’ve checked out a few and detailed them for you below.

I’m nice like that.

Look Fantastic have the Aria on offer at £139.00 plus a free gift. RRP £155.00 – saving £15.50 // HERE have an amazing deal on at the moment ; you can purchase the Keith Haring Gift set that I received above for £99.00 – saving £56.60 . Don’t tell my boyfriend!! He paid full whack…//HERE.

It’s been nice chatting and I hope you found my ramblings  review helpful. Basically, in layman’s terms , my Clarisonic is the best thing since sliced bread.

In other news, I am now going to go and have a word with my two cats.

They keep bringing in worms. Yes big fat, slimey brown worms. I hate worms… along with slugs they are the work of the devil.

I trod on one yesterday. It was having a good old wiggle in the downstairs bathroom. I still can’t look at my foot in the same light.

I’m not sure what I’m going to say, or how to stop my cats doing this (because I’m sure they’ll not understand a word I say) but any tips would be most gratefully received.

Help !

Until next time, Tracey x




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