NFD – The diary of an unemployed 43 year old …

the naughty forty diaries

Its amazing how much your life can change in a matter of weeks.

Its  weird to be out of work for the first time in almost 20 years but it’s also a revelation. That probably sounds weird. I’m officially unemployed / on the dole / joining the ‘unwashed’ Jeremy Kyle brigade  but after 13 years at the same company it’s a refreshing change . Redundancy I think you may just be the push I needed .

As I was leaving work for the very last time a couple of weeks ago and saying my quick goodbyes to everybody  a straight faced Pete looked me in the eyes and said  “sometimes we get stale, its good to have a change, to re-charge” At the time I thought cheeky chuff, he can’t wait to see the back of me and he’s likening me to bloody bread. On reflection I get…

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