Waffling about Skin – an update

This is a quick ‘hello’ …or rather a ‘Traceys quest for better skin’ update.

If your new to the blog a.) hello and b.) where have you been?! To get you upto speed I had acne in my early twenties. It has left me with some minor scarring and hypo-pimentation. It makes me feel self concious, at times ugly even.

I’m not exactly sure where to start but my skin is definitely showing signs of improvement. I’ve been taking, using and undertaking a variety of products/treatments so much so that I’m not sure which one is responsible  – a combination of them all maybe?

I’ve had 2 derma roller sessions to date, with my next torture treatment scheduled for Wednesday 30th July. It’s bloody painful (even with a numb face) but today as I scrutinized myself in the mirror and I could see little changes (for the better) then surely it has to be worth it?

My skin is nowhere near where I want it to be, and realistically it will never be perfect, but its  heading in the right direction. It looks more uniform, the scars are softening, pigmentation is not as noticeable and I’m excited to see what the results will be after  further sessions. The only downfall I can see  is the cost. It’s on average between £250- £275 per ‘roll’.  This is however my last resort and I’m throwing everything at it – including over a £1,000 it appears! If you happen to bump into my boyfriend … remember it only cost £100.00 for the whole shebang:)

I’m also caring for my skin from within. As well as taking Collagen Shots every night  I’m upping the ante and have recently started taking H30 Night Repair capsules.Both available from Rejuvenated. I’ve been taking Collagen shots for over a year but the H30 are a new addition.

I confess to being  many things but a skin care specialist I am not. Therefore without getting too technical just one of these ‘babies’  taken before bed (with water or a collagen shot) hydrates and repairs the skin while you are sleeping. All you probably want and need to know is do they work? Yes, they do. Fine lines around my eyes are practically non-existent ,though to be fair I was not overly wrinkly in the first place. Spotty yes, wrinkly no. I look rested and without romanticising I have sparkly eyes. Don’t you just love sparkly eyes.

COLL 1The official word on H30 reads as follows:

Cellular hydration is one of the main keys to good health and staying young, it puts the body in the best situation to heal and repair tissue. Healthy hydrated cells have a greater ability to repair, reduce acidity and increase burning potential.

Water doesn’t automatically hydrate cells from inside and can accumulate , one place it shows is in the eye bags, however ionic minerals can help in the transfer of this extracellular water to cross the cell ,membrane to reveal a fresher looking you on those mornings.

Combine with the key amino acids in Collagen shots to give skin all the necessary ingredients to attract moisture to the surface from the atmosphere while you sleep’

They say it so much better than I ever could. It has become part of my night time routine & one I wouldn’t be without.

Last but not least. I am in possesion of the much sought after 50ml tub of Cult 51 night cream which I bought from Cult Beauty . It had such rave reviews and I didn’t want to miss out. It more or less sold out straight away and I was put on a waiting list. I’m a sucker …if there’s a waiting list then it must be great, right?



CULT 2It smell’s rather delicious and is easily absorbed into the skin. The verdict is still out – do I love it, do I hate it, can I live without it ?

While it’s not done anything terrible like bring me out in acne, it hasn’t done anything amazing either. Saying that my neck does look and feel less crepey. I think I need to use this for a little while longer before I can give it a fair review. For £125 and with all the hype it had a lot to live upto. I think I was expecting miracles!

So there you have it, I’ll give it a few weeks and update you again

Until next time, Tracey x

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