The Golden Elixir of Youth?

This is a review which I posted on our old blog ‘Indulge In’ but I LOOOOOVE this stuff so much I thought it deserved an airing on ‘the naughty forty diaries’. So for all our new readers, this is especially for you (cos that’s the kind of girl I am)…

I have been lucky enough to have been sent a bottle of the relatively newly launched MitoQ by the lovely Tracey McAlpine at Fighting Fifty. I have been using it now for about four months and boy is my skin pleased.

With all the stress, poor nutrition and crap weather, my skin had really fallen out with me and was looking rather dull, sallow, lacklustre and grey. When Tracey asked for volunteers to try this stuff out, I Googled to see what it was and then jumped at the chance to try it out.

So what is it?
MitoQ is a scientific breakthrough in cellular CoQ delivery technology. It protects the skin from free radical damage induced by the aging process or accelerated by exposure to sunlight. MitoQ accelerates skin rejuvenation creating a radiant outward skin appearance. MitoQ topical cream moisturizes, lightens and brightens skin.

MitoQ has been designed to accumulate in mitochondria making it the most effective biological antioxidant ever. It is 1000 times more potent at delivering CoQ to the mitochondria than formulations utilised extensively in the world’s best selling anti-ageing products. There is loads of sciencey blurb and jargon on their site but I really don’t want to blind you with science (quite literally).

The cream itself is a golden yellow colour and is totally odourless. It comes sexily packaged (I’m a sucker for glam packaging) in a black/smokey grey bottle with a pump dispenser which smoothly and effortlessly (no clogging or spluttering the cream out) dishes out just the right amount of cream in two pumps to cover the whole face and neck area. Mitoq is not sticky or oily, it absorbs into the skin almost on touch leaving no residue whatsoever. I love the fact that it is odourless too…I’m not really bothered about my face smelling like a tarts boudoir or oriental flower garden.

I have to say that from the very first application I was besotted with Mitoq. Wow…bloody wow!! My skin immediately felt different and in a good way. It felt slightly tighter but not a drying/too much sun type tighter. Looking in the mirror, there was a more illuminated expression staring back. Over the weeks, my skin has vastly improved. It definitely looks firmer, more hydrated, less wrinkly and more dewy. My pores appear smaller and my make up seems to go on smoother. I have now been using Mitoq for about four months and after the first couple of weeks, realised I didn’t always really need to use another moisturiser as well as….it was just too rich for me to use both day and night.

My friend (one that I’ve known since infant school and who I see regularly) asked me if I’d had botox. When I told her about Mitoq she has asked me to order her a bottle when I next purchase.  My other half also commented on how glowing I looked – his exact words were a bit more sickly than that but I really don’t want to sound like I’m bigging myself up or have you reaching for the sick bag!!

If I have to pick fault at all, it would be that Mitoq doesn’t contain an SPF so as we are now in the midst of a rather lovely, (long awaited) heatwave, I am applying sun protection as well.

But all in all I think it’s quite safe to say that I am just a little bit in love with Mitoq…I’ve already purchased another two bottles (I was scared of running out!)

This could quite possibly be the Golden Elixir of Youth.

Mitoq is available exclusively online from Mitoq priced at £115.00. (as they have quite cleverly patented the technology for twenty years, it isn’t likely to be available elsewhere).

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