Ladies that Lunch (at teatime)…The Woodlands Hotel, Leeds




After work, apart from have a bath, slip into something comfy and drink copious amounts of wine (to de-stress of course)  I don’t really want to do anything else.

That is unless you want to take me somewhere rather lovely and feed me, which is what myself and Liz did last night after we finished work.

Our choice of ‘eatery’ was The Woodlands House Hotel, Leeds, which one of our lovely followers on Twitter had recommended.

The weather was wet and wild. I was driving and was dry and wild ! It took us just over half an hour  with some good navigation from Liz to reach our destination.

A charming driveway leads to a regal looking house. Think manor house, not semi detached, it is after-all also a hotel.

We made our way through the reception to the small dimly lit bar, ordered our drinks and sunk into a couple of big arm chairs, near the piano. Which reminds me of a time I laid across the top of one (a piano, not Liz)  and sang Happy Birthday Mr President in a raspy Marilyn Monroe voice. No such behaviour tonight thankfully and a story for another time maybe? Continue reading