A Sheffield Girls Guide to Whitby … #draculacountry

You all know of my love affair with the North Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby. I mean if you don’t where have you been? … I’ve mentioned it enough over the years.

My obsession with all things vampire and especially Dracula only adds to the mystique. In the Bram Stoker novel Count Dracula’s ship crashes into the rocks at Whitby and that my dear friends is how Dracula came to be in Old Blighty.

On a cold, misty night as you totter along the cobbled streets, the Old Abbey looking down on you … I swear there’s the distinct smell of vampire in the air.

Today I thought I would do a photo diary of the few days we spent in Whitby last week, mainly because I took loads of photographs and it would be rude not to share them.

As I mentioned on a previous post the BF and I decided to take my dad away.

It’s been an awful few weeks and I think we all needed a change of scene, especially dad, whose finding it hard. Yes it would be extremely weird without mum but it’s something we all need to adjust ourselves too. Dad has spent some great times there with mum and was keen to return.

Firstly we stayed in the beautiful Coachmans Cottage which is situated just off Church Street. It was ideally located for all the major attractions and having only recently been refurbished it was like a show house.

It allows you to take your beloved dogs [ up-to 2 in fact], and was spread out over 3 floors. Kitchen , living area, bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

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Last week the Forest, this week the Lakes…

I’ve never been to the Lake District and had it not been for the Mr I may never have done.

Following our week spent in a log cabin in Keldy Forest, North Yorkshire he surprised me by booking  a further week away to rest and recuperate.

Truth be known I hadn’t had the best nights sleep in the forest. I was mostly spooked. Forests are beautiful but they also give me the ibby jibbys; I’ve never been the same  since I watched Evil Dead!

When darkness descended , it blinking descended. It was pitch black outside and my imagination ran amok as I looked into the trees and they (or something )  appeared to look back!.

The hot tub was amazing to start with but the novelty soon wore off, as did the Mr’s  jokes about the man sat watching me from the trees in a ski mask!




(Above) Home last week…

So here I am sat in ‘Biskey Dip’ a beautiful, cosy yet ultra modern cottage In the heart of Bowness -On- Windermere.

It’s not the slightest bit scary and they have street lighting . Yay! which by the way we could do with in the bathroom. The only negative I have with the cottage is the appalling bathroom lighting. It’s bad. O.K and there’s some pretty odd people walking about but it makes for great people watching from any of the numerous coffee bars scattered up and down the main high street.

The Mr has done good.

It really is ‘home from home’ only it’s a dam sight nicer than mine. . . and it’s ours for a whole week.

It was definitely worth the 2 hour drive from Sheffield. I more or less got home from the forest, had a wee, grabbed a drink, kissed and cuddled my cats, Frankie and Lola (I missed them) before jumping back in the car en-route to Cumbria..

The Mr’s presently got his head buried in a laptop as he has a bit of work to complete. There’s no rest for the wicked! so I’m going to share a few pics with you.

Here’s the lovely cottage itself.



Mollie loves the garden…





We are planning to explore the area around Windermere over the next week, but what we have seen so far has been very beautiful…even in the rain!

England really is stunning in places and I’m a sucker for a nice view. The Mr laughs at me for pointing out the obvious. ‘Oh look its so  beautiful ‘ seems to be  coming out of my mouth on replay.

The weather has been very temperamental . Glorious sunshine one minute, followed by a good drenching the next. If you happen to bump into me while I’m here please excuse the hair!

While my skin, thankfully, is benefitting from all the fresh air, my hair however  has turned into a mass of uncontrollable frizz.! Add to my misery the fact that my hairdresser went scissor happy just before the hols and has cut my fringe stupidly short. I look like a simpleton!

Here’s a little taster to wet your appetite (of the scenery not my hair!) Delicious if a little eerie at times. . .







I’m sure they’ll be loads more pictures and if your lucky (or rather unlucky) maybe a piccy of my hair! If nothing else you can have a giggle at my expense.

Until next time from the glorious lakes, Tracey x


Christmas Lurgy, Exploding Ovens and Thieving Seagulls

Ok, so I realise I am a little late in writing this post but with all the joys of Christmas and New Year, I really haven’t had chance to get around to it. Well, I say joys but in reality that consisted of snot (and the entire Kleenex factory), uncontrollable coughs, sleep deprivation and just to top it off an oven that blew up ‘mid Christmas dinner!!’

Luckily for us (not the turkey or the cow), the meats were cooked to perfection just as we heard the bang. I was not quite so lucky and although alcohol lubricated some parts and numbed others, it did nothing to cure my overall condition and I suspect may have helped to prolong my symptoms. I did keep trying though.

Having had enough of Christmas and the whole ‘feed a cold, starve a fever’ (I was feeding my cold for England), we decided that a trip to the coast to blow away the cobwebs was needed as was a long stroll to burn off the excesses. I say we decided…I decided!! I’m sure my other half would have preferred to be on the golf course. However with the promise of fish and chips he was converted…no trip to the English seaside is complete without eating fish and chips out of the paper outside in the cold and wind. It’s tradition.

So off we set on our road trip over North Yorkshire’s finest, The Fylingdales. It had snowed a couple of days before and the remnants still lingered over the moors. The scenery was stunning.

1779954_10152665368429195_3807212569514297197_n 10418920_10152665368899195_6705154123742503726_n 10850080_10152665368499195_8755221769092425197_n

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