Master Cocktail Making Class at Piccolino, Sheffield.

We are social butterflies, one’s that have been socialising for a hell of a long time! Our wings are tired and they need revitalising. 

On our quest to do just this Sue suggested a Cocktail making class. I thought this sounded like a great idea, so much so that I sent out a cheeky little tweet to see if anybody held them in Sheffield. 

The lovely people at Piccolino got in touch to say they could sort something out for us. 

A few emails, and a phone call later … the rest they say is history.

Last night 6 bedraggled ladies rendezvoused at 6.00pm in the bar at Piccolinos. 

Typically there’s no sight nor sound of rain for weeks BUT on the Saturday we decide to go out the Gods have an almighty argument which results in the storm of all storms. 

Naughty Gods and drenched butterflies. 

Spirit’s slightly dampened we were led to our table which was situated next to the bar and introduced to our ‘tutor’ (and Bar Manager)for the evening Daniele Ghersi. 

I’ve never seen so many faces brigthen up so quickly!


BLOG 19Introductions made, a glass of Prosecco in hand and with us all smiling like cheshire cats, the lesson began…

We had all received a handout which listed the ingredients and ‘how to make’ instructions. 

Daniele went on to explain that he would run through and make all the cocktails featured – Passionista, Resaca, Lychee Martini, Tiramisu, Pina Colada, Peccato Di Gola and a Limoncello Cheescake – which we got to taste and cast our verdicts on. 

Cool idea and a great excuse to try some cocktails we might not have otherwise. I can confirm that they were all delicious. Lychee Martini and Tiramisu being my favourites.

At the end of the class we would each be asked to take over ‘the bar’ and make a concoction of our own. Daniele would judge and decide on the winning drink.

BLOG 2From left to right : Daniele and his eager butterflies – Sue, Angela, Rach, me, Jane and Jo.


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