Bowling and Bare Bottom Butlers

Last weekend my beautiful friend Rach and I packed our bags and said good bye to the circus… well it was Sheffield actually but the circus sounds so much more romantic . We made our way across the Pennines and an hour later arrived bright eyed,  bushy tailed and munching on a MacDonald’s in  Manchester (to line our stomachs of course)to attend Miss Lisa Turners hen do.

photo (100

On arrival we checked in the hotel, made a quick change into our party outfits, applied a spot of lippy and ran the brush through our hair. Ready,  we made our way to All Stars Ten Pin Bowling at Great Northern on Deansgate. Your probably thinking the same as us! What, why?

photo (30)

All we had been told was to get to All Star Lanes for 8 pm, to expect bowling at some point , nibbles and a little karaoke .

Tottering along in totally unsuitable bowling attire (dress and killer heels)  we arrived like 2 dolls heads some 5 minutes later and were chaperoned towards the Private room. Continue reading