Marbella Diary Day 1 – the villa and first night out.


Somebody once said that “the best therapy is time spent laughing with great friends” I’ve just had 4 days ‘therapy’ and it’s done me the world of good.

By golly have we laughed…

and then some.

We’ve partied (a lot) and for want of a better word I’m back home and I’m bloody knackered. Rolling in at 6 in the morning was bad enough in my twenties,  at 45 it’s a killer but worth the tired, fuzzy head.

As my mum often says …”your a long time dead. Why sleep when you can dance?”

Why not indeed mum….

So what was the occasion?

We flew out to Spain  to join Leigh in celebrating her 50th . This was actually back in May (little details – long story)

We booked a plush villa in the hills above Marbella for the weekend so we could all be together.

Let me introduce you to our home for 4 luxurious days … Continue reading

Boho Chic

I was going to do a post today about Lola , you know my cat, the one that I lost last week. I mentioned it to my BF earlier who shrugged his shoulders and said “oh I wouldn’t if I were you its a beautiful day you’ll depress people”… I suppose he may have a point…

He’s busy downstairs fitting our new kitchen. For those of you regular readers ( I presume we have a few) yes the kitchen we started before bloody Christmas. What can I say its been somewhat of a nightmare …BUT I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.(she says through gritted teeth and with baited breathe)

So with the sun shining outside I’m starting to think about all things summer holiday related. I’ve not mentioned my forth-coming weekend away in Marbella with the girls  have I? (only about 200 times!) I’m also hoping to get a week away with the Mr, somewhere hot, shortly. Maybe even Ibiza?

I’ve recently been drawn to everything Boho. It’s so colourful, pretty and basically fun. It’s like Ibiza and holidays all rolled up in one, often associated with the ‘arty farty’ types. Yep I’ve been called that before!

I’ve been scouring ebay and the like for ‘Ibiza inspired’ clothing. My boyfriend thinks I’m having a ‘crisis’ … of what sorts I’ve no idea but a crisis non the less.

Maybe it’s a cry out to my younger self, the one who spent the amazing summer of 1987 Island hopping around the Greek Islands. It was just Karen (one of my best friends) and I, my ruck-sack, several pairs of shorts, my treasured converse and no hair-dryer! Yes there was a time when I could live without my electrical friend. Saying that my hair was that short it didn’t need it.

We lived (and partied) for 7 blissful weeks in just our bikinis and shorts, sun-kissed and care-free …(pre my factor 50 days !) ‘hopping’ from island to island.

Such an amazing experience. I’ll tell you about it one day…

Anyway I’ve recently discovered Emonk Ibiza via Instagram and I’m now hankering after a pair of their boots…

What do you think?

I love them.

Boyfriend hates them !


Emonk Ibiza Boho – 374,95 euros – Emonk Ibiza Continue reading

Last week the Forest, this week the Lakes…

I’ve never been to the Lake District and had it not been for the Mr I may never have done.

Following our week spent in a log cabin in Keldy Forest, North Yorkshire he surprised me by booking  a further week away to rest and recuperate.

Truth be known I hadn’t had the best nights sleep in the forest. I was mostly spooked. Forests are beautiful but they also give me the ibby jibbys; I’ve never been the same  since I watched Evil Dead!

When darkness descended , it blinking descended. It was pitch black outside and my imagination ran amok as I looked into the trees and they (or something )  appeared to look back!.

The hot tub was amazing to start with but the novelty soon wore off, as did the Mr’s  jokes about the man sat watching me from the trees in a ski mask!




(Above) Home last week…

So here I am sat in ‘Biskey Dip’ a beautiful, cosy yet ultra modern cottage In the heart of Bowness -On- Windermere.

It’s not the slightest bit scary and they have street lighting . Yay! which by the way we could do with in the bathroom. The only negative I have with the cottage is the appalling bathroom lighting. It’s bad. O.K and there’s some pretty odd people walking about but it makes for great people watching from any of the numerous coffee bars scattered up and down the main high street.

The Mr has done good.

It really is ‘home from home’ only it’s a dam sight nicer than mine. . . and it’s ours for a whole week.

It was definitely worth the 2 hour drive from Sheffield. I more or less got home from the forest, had a wee, grabbed a drink, kissed and cuddled my cats, Frankie and Lola (I missed them) before jumping back in the car en-route to Cumbria..

The Mr’s presently got his head buried in a laptop as he has a bit of work to complete. There’s no rest for the wicked! so I’m going to share a few pics with you.

Here’s the lovely cottage itself.



Mollie loves the garden…





We are planning to explore the area around Windermere over the next week, but what we have seen so far has been very beautiful…even in the rain!

England really is stunning in places and I’m a sucker for a nice view. The Mr laughs at me for pointing out the obvious. ‘Oh look its so  beautiful ‘ seems to be  coming out of my mouth on replay.

The weather has been very temperamental . Glorious sunshine one minute, followed by a good drenching the next. If you happen to bump into me while I’m here please excuse the hair!

While my skin, thankfully, is benefitting from all the fresh air, my hair however  has turned into a mass of uncontrollable frizz.! Add to my misery the fact that my hairdresser went scissor happy just before the hols and has cut my fringe stupidly short. I look like a simpleton!

Here’s a little taster to wet your appetite (of the scenery not my hair!) Delicious if a little eerie at times. . .







I’m sure they’ll be loads more pictures and if your lucky (or rather unlucky) maybe a piccy of my hair! If nothing else you can have a giggle at my expense.

Until next time from the glorious lakes, Tracey x