A Sheffield Girls Quick Guide to Manchester… with the help of her friends!

I wasn’t planning to do a post on Manchester, however …it was too good a night not to share.

Friday night found myself and Rach winging our way across the Pennines to meet up with a gang of Rach’s ex-work colleagues ; Lisa and Jen, two lovely locals . Pam from Birmingham and Jit the soul guy from Leeds. By soul I mean the only one – he’s not a singer or anything!

I always say it pays to know somebody who lives / knows the city (you’re visiting); where to go, what to do etc. We were advised that the night would involve ‘cheap food, lots of drink and dirty dancing’ Music to my ears.

Typically we were the last to arrive at the Met apartments where we were all staying for the night. After lots of hugs and squealing (and that was just Jit) we made ourselves comfy with a glass of champagne, had a quick catch-up. Before changing and making the 5 minute walk to our first stop.

Up in your grill, B.Eat Street which is situated in Brownfield Mill (a grade II listed building) Tariff Street, within the Northern Quarter. Although I felt slightly over-dressed – I loved it.

It’s open Friday and Saturday for 10 weeks over the summer. There’s an outdoor courtyard where the DJ’s do their thing, colourful graffiti graces the walls and alternating pop up food outlets or ‘street food heroes’ sell their deliciousness. The smell as you enter the courtyard has your mouth watering within minutes.

All the dishes are £5 and you’re really spoilt for choice. Our offerings came in the way of The Real Sue Lee, Viet Shack, Hungry Hombres and Nkono. We grabbed a spicy chicken burger each from Viet Shack. (Now a good blogger would have taken a picture … I was hungry what can I say?!) Before making our way through the bar, into what can only be described as a school dinner hall to devour our food. It’s a shame we couldn’t eat alfresco but typically the temperature had dropped to ‘below freezing’ and stood shivering was not at all appealing. Not dressed like a dolls head anyway.

Inside it’s all a-bit rough around the edges; crumbly walls, flaky ceilings with exposed beams, pipework and uneven floors but it’s full of character. As anybody that follows me on IG will confirm I’m obsessed with old buildings and kept ‘ohhing’ and ‘arrhhing’ at how ‘beautifully shabby’ it all was.

Take a look for yourself…





manc x 



manc x2 


I think it’s on until the end of August, so you had better be quick if you want to pay a visit …find them on twitter #upinyourgrill for line-ups etc.


Suitably stuffed and beered up we jumped into a taxi and made our way to a few more ‘watering holes’

Manchester really is a fabulous location for a night out. It’s even better when you’re with people ‘in the know’ and all these bars deserve a mention:

The Manchester House Bar and Restaurant , Spinningfield which couldn’t have been more different (from the above) if it had tried. We smiled angelically at the bouncers and were let straight in.

Jumping into the lift we giddily whizzed upto the 12th Floor to where the Lounge was situated.

It’s monographic, chic and beautifully designed. All shiny and lovely. It also has amazing views of the Manchester skyline. It was a shame it was dark and I didn’t have my glasses on. One big fuzz! It is however an excuse to get my glad-rags on and re-visit . Afternoon cocktails anyone?!

It also serves a mean Vodka and Tonic.

I pinched the pic below off the web just so you can admire the view and go whooaaaa yourself.





Neighbourhood – Spittingfield , is just a little tootle down from the above. We walked in to catch a couple of guys, perched on the top of the tables playing instruments along to a soundtrack.

Everywhere we looked there appeared to be handsome men. It’s a hard life! Now unfortunately I can’t guarantee the same when you /if you go – perhaps we fell lucky? Yep I know, I know, I have a BF but it never hurts to admire your surroundings!

I also fell in love with the fluorescent wall art ‘The best way to view Heaven is from Hell’ I think it was meant for us…

Oh and I can’t guarantee this either – but as we walked out , Marco from TOWIE walked in



manc x 3

Elixir Tonics & Treats – 123, Deansgate . Or Harry Potters Bar as Lisa and Jen refer to it. This is more than likely because it sells potions and lotions.

If you only ever do one thing that I recommend then I insist  you to go here (waves her wand) and order a sharing cocktail.

Ask for a La Petite Voliere – ‘The Little Bird Cage’. Sit back and wait patiently for it arrive…. smoking and smelling of Lavender. A place to cast spells indeed. It’s magical.






These maybe amongst some of the loveliest toilets I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. There were even marshmallows in little glass jars for us to eat!


After a rather disappointing visit to the new Club LIV – Very pretentious, lacking in people and atmosphere. 

We left ….

BUT not before having our mugshots taken…


We ended the night with yet more Jaeger Bombs at Revolution De Cuba – South Central, 11 Peter Street

I loved it here. We got to dance!

You know proper bloody dancing, ‘one foot in front of the other, wiggle it on a dance floor stuff’ I really can’t remember the last time I danced? I was no doubt ‘dancing like my dad’ and I’m sure I was old enough to be the majority’s grandmas… but we belly laughed and that’s never a bad thing.

We left at daft’o clock. Heads were fuzzy, voices slurring and some of us kept falling down. My parting words being ‘but I’m only just warming up’

Growing up gracefully?

Nah sod that for a packet of crisps … we’ll be running at it head on, looking like death warmed up with terrific hangovers BUT with some funny memories…

Lisa & Jen were the perfect hosts.

Lady Manchester you never disappoint.

Until next time, Tracey and the Gang x


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