Inspired by ❤

I read a few  a lot of blogs (I could quite literally loose myself for hours) here are some of my favourites. This list will no doubt grow as I discover new goodies but for now…

Local Milk

A stunning blog written beautifully by American lady, Beth. The photography is amazing and you’ll want to make all her recipes. Well worth a ganzy.

My Fashionable 40’s

I’ve recently discovered this blog and the stylish Michelle through Instagram. As well as a great fashion blog Michelle has also been really helpful and restored my faith that there are good people out there.

The Londoner

The beautiful Rosie T. I’ve followed Rosie’s adventures since the beginning and seen her rise and rise (like one of her cakes) Lots of yummy food, fashion and travels, oh and have I mentioned her legs!!! I want to be her.

Pouting In Heels

One of the reasons I started blogging. Katie makes it look fun and mixes fashion, with parenting and general girl power! A lover of pretty dresses , high heels and bling. A lady after my own heart.

Does my Bum look 40

Kat makes putting an outfit together easy. The lady has style.

Caroline Hirons

For all things skincare related this is the lady I go too. She knows her stuff and has a wicked sense of humour!

The Fashion Guitar

This lady rocks and has fabulous style. She inspires me.

To be continued . . .