T H E • best gift …

T H E • greatest gift you can give someone ?
Your time. Your friendship. Your Love. You ❤️

The most precious gifts don’t necessarily always need to be bought – they are around you.

I sometimes look through social media ; instagram especially & think jeez my house isn’t grand enough. It’s lived in; it’s not a showroom AND while I have some festive decorations up I don’t have a bloody Christmas tree [ I’m surprised the insta gods haven’t struck me down to be quite frank ] I don’t own a single piece of designer ‘anything’ – I wear the same clothes on repeat. I have not been away on holiday in almost 2 years. BUT you know what I’m rich in so many other ways. I’d actually go as far as to say “I’m a bloody millionaire Rodney”

I have THE best friends , family & Mollie dog who never leaves my side. I have friends who would drop everything to make sure I was ok. I have friends who buy me Jack Grealish calenders for my birthday. I mean come on!

Not everything that matters has to be for ‘show’ & unboxed on Instagram along to fancy music. I feel loved & even though a handbag [or whatever]  would be rather lovely it doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside [ ok… maybe temporarily] , it certainly doesn’t make me laugh out loud;  its no fun on nights out because it can’t air guitar, do Tequila shots and help me crawl in at daft o clock. It doesn’t entertain my Bradley & Jack obsession & it didn’t come around to see me armed with a bottle of wine, chocolates to sit & listen to me cry when my mum died. 

So that’s today’s sermon over . Pls don’t ever let this app fool you into thinking negative thoughts about yourself or your situation because for one moment yesterday I DID. I let it in. I got materialistic, I let the ‘ I’m not good enough’ creep in … but then I had a word with myself . I’m totally good enough because I think I make people smile & I have a big heart. So what if I don’t have a tree. Christmas magic still exists.  No matter how fanciful I might sound I feel loved & that’s the best thing anybody could ever give me. 

Just because somebody seemingly has more , they don’t necessarily have more – which made sense in my head, but probably makes non.

Day 1 of year 51 &  I’m already fluffing my lines !

Tracey x

One thought on “T H E • best gift …

  1. weare1382016 says:

    Hello Tracey

    It’s so true that friends and family is all that matters especially at crimbo.
    I loved reading what you wrote it was lovely

    That Jack still needs a decent haircut though

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