L I F E | lockdown

I was contemplating last night.

Not that much will be changing around ours during the lock down period.  I don’t have kids  so there is no home schooling or need to entertain [ accept myself] . I’ll not be going to my part time job and I will miss that routine. It will just be me , him, the fur babies and these 4 walls for the foreseeable. I’ve lost my freedom,  for a few weeks / months and the annual ladies weekend away this year to Lisbon. I’m gutted but I don’t think it is that big a sacrifice for what we could all potentially lose . I can’t see my dad [ or my friends ] – but I will ring him everyday. I would try to get him on the Zoom App but fear he would boil over ! Technology is not his strong point.

I have Zoom dates scheduled with my friends. They can’t hear me due to my defective phone . I write notes like in the film  ‘Love Actually’ and smile alot. It’s just nice to see their little faces

As you know the blogging scene up here is fairly non-existence in terms of events anyway … unlike London were I guess it’ll make a big difference to people’s every day life . I did note that Marks and Spencer’s held a virtual / on line presentation of their recent collection in light of the current climate. Going forward in terms of inclusivity it might be something they offer us ‘ up north’ ? Just thinking out loud

I try to remain positive and concentrate on what I have rather than what I don’t have . Embrace these .

I can still walk Mollie [at the moment]  so I will still get my daily fix of fresh air and nature. I’m Lucky that I live within walking distance of a few beautiful places … which if you’ve been around here a while I will have no doubt bored you with at some point .

I have fresh coffee, bubble baths , good books and box sets. Music and daft dancing .I have time. I am alive but life as I know it is currently on stop.

I fully acknowledge that the next few weeks for a lot of people is going to be absolutely bloody horrendous. All key workers from cleaners and shelf-stackers through to teachers, doctors & nurses; anybody that assists in keeping the country running ; I applaud you . You are doing an amazing job and I need you to know that it is appreciated. I appreciate everything you do.

To the families who have lost relatives and who we rarely mention I am so very sorry for your loss . I hate that we say the death rate ‘is only’ this, ‘only that’ at the moment. It’s not ‘only anything’ … it’s someone’s mum, dad , sister , brother or friend. May they rest in peace.

Lastly I believe the world moves in mysterious ways because I am the person who searches for answers when maybe  there aren’t any… but maybe this is nature’s way of telling us to ‘stop’ and smell the roses

Stop polluting it … and stop polluting ourselves  .It is forcing  us to take a moment. To reflect. Taking us back to basics. It’s replenishing.

I have a feeling  the world we return to is going to be vastly different to the one we left behind. A much kinder , understanding, less materialistic  place.

I hope so anyway … surely there has to be some silver lining x

6 thoughts on “L I F E | lockdown

  1. Tracey says:

    Beautiful post Tracey, I think about those lost loved ones too, I feel sad they’re just a statistic, some who have died alone and will be put at rest alone xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Tracey,
      Thanks for popping across and having a read . As always it’s much appreciated. It’s such a surreal time for sure.
      Stay safe & take care xx

  2. Karen says:

    Lovely ,everyones life will be changing drastically for a while. Try to
    Communicate with others who
    Are isolated , Stay strong and stay safe. X

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou for popping across and having a read / commenting . It’s Most important we keep in touch with people who are vulnerable or have anxiety . Here’s to
      It being over quickly and carrying on with our lives x x

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