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“The sun I’ll come out tomorrow … bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow sun will shine !” Yes I’m going all orphan Annie on you but by god this weather is absolutely amazing.

It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m laid melting into one of our garden loungers. I’m on my third Gin & Tonic. Don’t judge me … it’s only 2 o clock but I need to keep cool. I guess water would be preferable [and more sensible] … but not so much fun!

As always I’m fully factored up . I love the sun but the not the idea of the damage it could potentially cause.

Once upon a time my friends and I would lie on the beach in the tiniest of bikinis , wearing zero sun-protection and slather ourselves in oil … like the stuff you cook chips in. I’m not joking – tanning back then was all about how dark you could go and not about protecting your skin. I once burnt so badly my shoulders erupted in water blisters and I’ve had sun-stroke enough times to write a book . I was the colour of a Conker yes … but it was painful to say the least . I shudder to think about the damage I have caused myself.

Older and wiser I now wear an SPF every single day … even on days when it’s miserable and cold outside.

I am currently using Transformulas Flawless PhotoGlow * which has a built in SPF 30. It is truly a really beautiful moisturiser that suits my skin perfectly. I don’t like to over-load my skin so a moisturiser with built in SPF is perfect. I’ve mentioned it before but I find the less I put on my skin the better.

Containing Squalane , LPD Multivitamins, Illuminsan, Suncat MTA and X50 PhotoGlow it’s certainly making my skin look more radiant.

Today I thought I would share my thoughts on a few more bits of PR I have recently been sent . As with most of the items I get sent there is no obligation to post. I am Sharing because in my opinion they are good, I rate them and would most likely repurchase them.

So [ drum roll ] in no particular order :

DRUNK ELEPHANT- Umbra Sheet Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 – £29.00 *

I was sent this beautiful gift-set a couple of weeks ago.

In a beach bag , along with a fabulous navy and white circular towel was Lippe Balm, D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops and Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 all by Drunk Elephant. I have heard great reviews about this brand so was extremely excited to receive it and be able to try it for myself.

I cracked open the balm straight away and I’ve been adding sun drops to practically everything since I got them . The one I was keen to try was the Daily Defense sun screen because I am fanatical about protecting my skin.

I used it a couple of times ‘sans sun‘ just to get a feel for it. How it feels on my skin , scent etc. I take this stuff seriously you know. I tend to tread carefully when trying new sun screens because they have a tendency to break me out.

It’s a fairly thick white cream that rubs into the skin quite easily , leaving no white mask like residue . It states it is suitable for everyday use but is slightly heavier than my usual moisturiser [ mentioned above] There is no scent , or if there is it’s extremely faint. It contains 20% Zinc Oxide and Sunflower Shoot Extract a potent antioxidant that minimises the appearance of photoaging for a more youthful looking complexion. I’ll have some of that.

I’ve been using it religiously on my face and decolletage for the past couple of days and can report that it’s holding up well. It leaves no greasiness and I’ve not dissolved into a sweaty mess within 2 minutes. Although saying that my face rarely sweats and I tend to keep it well hidden behind glasses that fill my whole face, a sunhat and shade from a strategically placed umbrella … but I have to say I am liking it.

This isn’t the tinted formula so unlike other sun screen in my collection I don’t get the added bonus of some colour. While using this alone there’s no hiding – I am the lady with the brown body and white face!

Fear not though as I understand there is a tinted version! HERE *

PLUS I can always add a couple of drops of the sunshine drops I also received to add some colour. It is a genius idea as you can build the colour that you wish to achieve. I can match my head to my bloody body!

Daily Defense comes in a 90ml tube and when applied correctly contains 80 full face applications. I have not had any breakouts as of yet.

Can I just say I love the packaging. It’s the Love Island of sun protection; dam fine looking.

INSTITUT ESTHEDERM – Cellular Water Mist – 100ml £18.00 *

A few products I was sent got lost in the post and despite being posted with lots of time to spare I unfortunately didn’t receive them in time for my long weekend away in Malaga. I was gutted.

Two things keeps me cool today …

The PR lady had advised me this would have been ideal to spray on my face during the flight to keep my skin hydrated. I can’t vouch for that but sprayed on my face in the garden every now and again in the boiling hot sun feels fantastic . I’ve also been spraying it in my pulse points.

It might seem overly extravagant spending £18 on a water mist but it has added benefits too. Enriched with Hyaluronic acid , Biomimetic Peptides and cellular water it can be used as a primer, toner or makeup setting spray.

It has saved the day on more than one occasion today – sprayed all over my face and pulse points it’s definitely cooled me down and temporarily made me feel refreshed. I have also been using it as a toner on a daily basis.

I was sent a few more bits from Institut Esthederm which I will cover in more detail in a future post as I’ve not had chance to fully test them out as yet.

BALMKIND – Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm SPF 20 – 10ml £13.00 *

Balmkind on the beach …

Don’t neglect your lips!

This did arrive in time for my trip to Malaga and was a god-send. Not only does it protect your lips with SPF 20 it is ever so slightly tinted so adds a very, very subtle hint of colour to your lips.

It may seem slightly on the expensive side for a lip balm but it really does work. After 5 days in the Spanish sun there was no hint of dryness, just luscious, glossy lips all round.

I did have to re-apply the balm fairly frequently, maybe my lips were parched and soaked up the moisture. Whatever the reason , it wasn’t a major problem.

It contains antioxidant rich fruit and flower oils and extracts, an essential amino acid, hydrating oat lipids and soothing liquorice root.

I love my lip balms … and this is another to add to my collection.


Now I realise promoting the drinking of alcohol during the day in this heat isn’t the most sensible thing to do? But in my defence … I blog … I never claimed to be Mrs Sensible. In the same vain I also figure that enjoying a G&T alfresco in this glorious weather is a few and far between activity in this country and one to be savoured.

I’m no expert , I like what I like , but my current go too Gins are Empress 1908 Original Indigo and Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish both very palatable and refreshing …

I’ll not lie to you after a hefty dose of heat and a few large G&T’s today I’m feeling a little on the merry side . So I think this would be the ideal time to conclude … before I start telling you I love you !

But you know I do right ?

Until next time

Tracey x

* Some products above have been gifted with no obligation to post about them . As always all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own .

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