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I’d like to make it clear that it’s not until the very, very end of next year, almost 2 years away … but as my nearest and dearest [ or as Ive started referring to them ‘the chuffs] keep reminding me I am the big 5-0 next year.

Of course I intend to celebrate in style and after a chat with my friend Sue over the weekend it got me thinking of where I’d like to hold my celebrations . I envisage lots of partying with different groups of people but a weekend away with the girls is most definitely on the cards.

Just where to go …

and when …

December birthdays limit you in regards to where you can go and have guaranteed grand weather . We may have to go slightly earlier in the year and then I can proper drag it out! [ Hello 40th after a couple of weeks people were getting fed up of my celebrations and I was knackered! ] While I’m not bothered about it being steaming hot , I would rather like it to be warm. I do like to eat and drink alfresco. It warms my heart and makes me happy.

I have been pondering [ and doing lots of research ] into various options but one that keeps cropping up is a yoga retreat in Ibiza…I spotted 7 Pines Resort while flicking through Instagram. It looks absolutely amazing. I like the thought of taking myself away from everything, getting in touch with myself and having a digital detox. I swear I’m part hippy – happiest with messy, un-brushed hair, bare foot and hugging trees . The only thing that puts me off – I doubt we’d be able to drink … and I think I’ll / we’ll need a drink . It’s also working out rather expensive!

As I get older I guess I do crave a little adventure . I’ve never been an avid sunbather and do find I get bored easily . Activity holidays however always leave me a little nervous . I’m sure [ and hope ] things have improved but many, many years ago , myself and 5 of my closet friends spent a very eventful long weekend in St Tropez.

Activity Ready in St Tropez

Lured by the promise of :

Luxury accommodation on the beach in the South of France = a shed in the woods … which we could never find after a night out!

Water sports including a day spent Kayaking around Port Grimand = it didn’t happen as it was too rough & windy

A Day on a Speed Boat = we had an hour whizzing around on one … half of us felt gippy after a few too many drinks the night before and couldn’t wait to get off

Endless choice of sporting activities = Non. Narda. Ziltch

Fiona, Sue & Fiona gearing up the boat to leave …

Lester our host , was fittingly renamed ‘Lester the Molester’ after his wandering hands and wandering eyes got a little too much.

His ‘hard-on’ digging into my back as he stood far too close to me and instructed me how to master the controls of the motorised dingy we used to bob around in still sends shivers down my back. I remember reliving the horrible experience to my Mum after we got home [ I told her most things] After initially pulling her yuck face followed by an “ Oh Tracey ! “ We both fell around laughing. I miss that. [ laughing together not bloody hard-ons in the back!]

His glamorous yet po-faced wife hated us. She went out of her way to be rude to us. I guess she was very aware of her husbands behaviour and rather than have a word with him , she took her frustration out on us. I guess looking back I can’t say I blamed her … not for being rude to us , that’s never acceptable … but the fact she had to put up with her creepy husbands obvious perving on young girls !

Despite all of the above; NOT getting anything like we had envisaged activity wise, fighting off a randy old blokes advances and being polite to his overtly rude wife … we did have a fabulous, fun-filled weekend.

St Tropez is and always will be glorious. I was first introduced to it by my parents when we holidayed down there as a family. It still remains one of my favourite places to escape too . The guys painting in the sunshine. Admiring the boats. The people watching from one of the numerous cafes on the port-front is AMAZING. The coffee may cost you your right arm … but hey it’s worth it!

The memories of those few days still makes me giggle, which goes to prove it’s not always where you go that counts , it’s who you are with.

St. Tropez nights out

Then there’s always the luxury spa option.

I have been lucky to visit some pretty fabulous spas over the past few years in the UK especially these two HERE // HERE … but I am being swayed by those a little further a field. I recently spotted this Spa Retreat in Tuscany HERE … which looks absolutely stunning. I spent a fabulous week touring the Amalfi coast several years ago but I have always wanted to explore Italy some more.

The only stipulation I have is that it has to be located somewhere lively so that we can escape one night and go party. It’s not a proper celebration in my books unless you’ve drank and danced into the next day !

I’ve also got to ensure I go somewhere were I can enjoy a few Gins with/for my mum. Although she will not be with me physically , she is ALWAYS with me . I never envisaged she wouldn’t be around to celebrate with me. As she would have been 75 in my 50th year we often talked about what and where we’d like to go to celebrate .

We did love a cream tea Mum and I…

It hits hard and hits deep that she’s not going to be around but I guess that’s another hurdle I’ll have to face when it arrives…

So I guess I’ve got plenty of time to decide on somewhere fabulous to celebrate . To be honest for the time-being I’m just enjoying scouring websites and wetting my appetite. The world is so big , so beautiful … I’ve still got so very much to see!

So do you have any recommendations for places to go in the UK or abroad ? Any suggestions would be most appreciated… you know my requirements

And M if your reading … I would still love to go swimming with sharks, to face my biggest fear even if it’s from the safety of a cage ! You’d hold my hand right?!

Until next time ,



Tracey … 48 and 3 months ! X

11 thoughts on “TRAVEL | making plans…

  1. Sue says:

    I’m glad I put the seed in your mind, I’m on the list already; what about Miami?
    I’m also up for the yoga retreat but please no waterski’s or dodgy accomodation!

    • lizandtracey says:

      I forgot Fiona & Josie went water skiing didn’t they ! Don’t think
      I was feeling very brave that day. Haha that weekend was funny for all
      The wrong reasons. Can you remember the first night out… when Lester [ the molester] got us together with that group Of guys and it felt like a dating club. Very bizarre! Then hi-jacking his Jeep Home … because we had been walking around d in circles for ages…. think I nearly weed laughing xx found a few yoga retreats in Ibiza. Pure 7 looks amazing

    • lizandtracey says:

      I really want to dive [ in a cage ] with sharks Prue but so far nobody Is volunteering to join me! I can’t believe it’s next year! Thanks for popping across and reading x

    • Caroline says:

      Awww I’m the same Tracey my Birthdays December too…I’m looking for ideas for my 40th in a couple of years so i look forward to reading your findings. I’m thinking somewhere warm too.xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Firstly Happy Birthday for this year. Don’t be nervous it’s something we can’t change.

      I’ve visited Florida just the once and loved it [ a very long time ago] so maybe you are right and it needs a second visit. A few people have also suggested New York which surprisingly is somewhere I’ve never hankered to go but that I’m sure I would love

  2. andrea watt says:

    New York. So much to see and do you won’t get bored. Went for my 50th and a little matter of our elopement wedding. Can’t wait to go back ♥️🙏

    • lizandtracey says:

      A few people have suggested New York … it’s not actually somewhere I have ever hankered over going but I’m sure I’d love it once I got there.
      Oh you got married there too, how fabulous.
      I’ll put it on my list , thankyou x

    • lizandtracey says:

      Ohhh that sounds amazing. I really want to go down in a cage with sharks but knowing my look they’d get in and eat me. I bet it gets the adrenaline flowing mind! X

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