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It’s something a little different from me today – a bloody fashion post ! I have featured them on the blog in the past but they are very few and far between.

Hey … What can I say I’m mixing it up for 2019.

I don’t claim to know anything about fashion. I’m a big believer in wearing whatever the hell you like ; I absolutely hate being told what I should be wearing … BUT one thing we can’t ignore and are all fully aware of is that Leopard print has been big business for many years now.

I guess I’ve been channeling my inner Bet Lynch since the late 90’s . I love sporting my Grans vintage leopard print jacket . That jacket is older than me , she’s falling apart at the seams [ quite literally ] but I can’t bear to part with her.

Just recently though my eyes have been swayed … I’m being disloyal to Bet. I’ve found I’ve become slightly obsessed by Tigers, mainly their heads on jumpers !

I know, I know I’m strange and probably very late to the table but what can I say?!

Let’s say it started here …

My first purchase from Wardrobe 21 . I snapped this jumper up in the sale for just £10.00.

It arrived yesterday and I excitedly tried it straight on . My Boyfriend looked at me unimpressed and said “you do realise you are 48 not 14 ...”

HUH what do men know?

It’s bright, cheerful and I love her. Yes I may look like I’m about to present a children’s TV programme but who cares. Life is made for Tiger Jumpers!

Here’s my pick of the best out there [ in my non-fashionista opinion]

@wardrobeat21 on instagram £10.00

Isn’t she a beauty ?! I’m not sure if there are any remaining but if you can get your hands on one I’d definitely recommend. Great quality and fit AND fabulous price

OASIS – Mid Grey Tabby Tiger Curve Jumper – £40.00 reduced to £24.00

MAMA LICIOUS – Maternity Dress reduced from £45.00 to £36.00

HUSH -Tiger Print Striped Jumper reduced from £110.00 to £75.00 [ only medium and large available]

I’ve seen this a few times on my instagram feed. Its lush … can you believe I’ve never bought anything from Hush? Who am I ?!

KAREN MILLEN – Slouchy Tiger Jumper reduced from £110.00 to £75.00

This is a beautiful jumper, I love how the tiger print runs onto the back of the jumper.

LIQUORISH – Tiger & Flower Jumper reduced from £50.00 to £12.50 [only medium and large available]

LIPSY – Tiger Satin Panel Jumper £28.00

KENZO – Striped Tiger Patch Jumper Reduced from 360.00 to £180.00

KENZO – Tiger Jumper £171.75

Love both the Kenzo jumpers … can’t afford them but wants in on the tiger vibe [ holds hand up ] Well luckily for you I have the perfect solution below.

Just take an existing jumper and add the embroidered tiger brooch. Similar look for an affordable price.

PROMOD -Woven Tiger Brooch & Pins £12.95

VALENTINO – Magla Tiger Jumper £1,426.00 reduced to £570.00

Now I realise this is absolute daft wonga … but in an ideal world where money was no object [ if only eh ] I’d snap this up.

Unfortunately it’s not an ideal world; I have a big mortgage to pay and people to feed [ mainly me and my cake obsession…] so I’m holding out for Primark’s version – pink and red tiger. Stuff of dreams.

So there are just a few of my favourites … [ I’ve opened a tigers-head worm hole!]

Hopefully you feel suitable inspired, one of them caught your eye or perhaps tigers aren’t your bag. Either way Thankyou for popping across and having a read …

Until next time, Tracey x


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6 thoughts on “FASHION | Easy Tiger

  1. Sue says:

    Tiger suits you but not me, neither do all leopard but I agree , wear what you feel comfortable in!
    Fashion goes around and comes around if you keep stuff long enough!

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thanks for popping across Sue. Too much emphasis on what we should and shouldn’t be wearing in my opinion . As long as your comfortable and feel good that’s all that matters … even jumpers that your BF says make you look like You’ve nicked it from a 14 year old 😄 x

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thanks for popping across Bean. I’m becoming a little obsessed … but do love me some tiger . Have a lovely weekend x

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