I hope you live everyday with the same gusto and hope in your heart as you do today – the dawning of a new year.

I hope you know you are loved unconditionally and that love lives on even when the person doesn’t. Look for signs … they are always there

I hope you lead your best life despite those that doubt and question your motives.

I hope you prove them all wrong

I hope you see the good in the everyday, appreciate the little insignificant things. Smile & give compliments freely. Never underestimate the power of both

I hope you never tire of a beautiful sunset or the smell of fresh coffee

I hope somebody sees your beauty shining through even on the days when you are feeling ugly , jaded and vulnerable.

I hope you make mistakes, lots of them. It’s the only way to grow

I hope you have the strength to carry on when all you really want to do is give up.

I hope you realise that there is only one you in the whole universe and that in my books makes you pretty darn special.

I hope you enjoy being YOU 💗

Happy New Year

Tracey 01.01.2019


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