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It’s a bit of a different post from me today but it’s something I’m pretty passionate about .

Did you know that it takes 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose. You heard correctly two – hundred years!

That quite shockingly over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. Yep … one- hundred million!

In the UK only a third of plastic packaging used in consumer products is recycled each year, with almost two-thirds sent to landfill or incinerated

That’s a lot of big , worrying figures.

I sat and watched a programme just last week about plastic and the damage WE are inflicting on the planet .

My heart sank … and then broke a little .

I literally cried as I watched [ amongst other things ] pieces of plastic being flushed from a Shearwater Chicks belly. The chick was alive, the plastic doesn’t decompose it just sits in their stomachs leaving no room for food. Zapping their energy . Slowly killing them. That , that just wasn’t right. Over the last 50 years the Shearwater chick population has declined by a staggering 30%

To think we are partly responsible for destroying our planet makes me both very angry and extremely sad .

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated by documentaries; by the wonders of our wildlife. I’m often heard enthusing ‘ ain’t nature grand ‘ and by-heck she bloody is . My dream has always been to go on safari , or swim with sharks. To see animals in their natural habitat . I can imagine it’s a very emotional [ and scary ] experience

When I was younger Dad and I would spend many hours watching David Attenborough; he really is the King of wildlife documentary. I think my love of animals and far-flung places originated from him. That and the time spent bonding side by side with my dad on the settee.

I was a very inquisitive child and would ask question upon question . This never really caused a problem as my dad was quite knowledgeable and seemingly managed to answer them all . I think he was secretly pleased I was interested in something other than boys and lipstick !

That was until that one day when we were watching a crime documentary together . The narrator advised ” they had found traces of semen in the victims pants” to which I started rolling around laughing “dad how can a seaman fit in her pants ? He’s far too big?

My dad half smirked, half died on the spot and sent me off to find my mum ” ask your mum” he said “she’ll explain

* * * * * * * * *

So I digress… [but I thought you might appreciate that little snippet.]

For a while I have been pondering ways I can help the environment; reduce our house-hold use of plastic. If we all did our little bit just think of the impact we could make. Obviously it isn’t going to happen over night. Bad habits die-hard but baby steps eh …

So as well as little things like taking my own shopping / tote bags to the supermarket and buying loose fruit and vegetables rather than those packed in tonnes of waste … I thought about straws.

Yes your everyday, use once and throw away straw. The ones that take 200 years to decompose !

As you may know I am partial to a straw , especially for inclusion in my instagram photos. [ can you remember my search for a blinking red and white striped straw not so long ago ? I know , I know … the things I do for the gram] I like my drinks to look pretty and what can I say I just like drinking through them. So straws seemed a good place to start. I wanted a straw with a conscious and no plastic .

Luckily for consumers more and more companies are climbing on board and becoming environmentally friendly. One of these is The Little Straw Company who I recently discovered over on Amazon .

They sell a set of 4 x stainless steel straws with a cleaning brush and cotton pouch

Not only do they look super stylish but they are also good for the environment and don’t cost an arm and a leg – £5.95 for the set

The set comes with a carry case and are packaged in a cardboard gift box. The carry case makes it easy to take them around with you, be that on your holidays, picnics or just out for a meal. If you have kids this is ideal. If I was a kid I’m sure I’d think owning my own steel straw was ‘ well cool’

hey I’m an adult and I think its pretty awesome !

The straws are made of Top Grade 18/8 non-toxic FDA Approved food grade safe stainless steel. They are *BPA free, pvc free, rust free and scratch-proof.

There is no metal after-taste and they are dishwasher friendly. Unlike plastic they will not bend or leak .

If you look after and clean the straws correctly they should last you a fair while.

It might only be a small step …

but it’s a small step in the right direction


Tracey x


* BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.

* This post has been written in collaboration with The Little Straw Company but as always all thoughts and wording are strictly my own.

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    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Caroline,
      It’s something I’m very passionate about , and yes the programme really upset me.
      It’s only a little step but everyone counts… and how could I not love the straws working in the ‘metal factory innit’
      I hope people read xx

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