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If you know me you’ll know the things that get me excited around the collar … chunky bars of milky chocolate, large cups of frothy coffee and good conversation. Nights out dancing. Bradley Cooper, Martin Kemp , DiNuzzo from NCIS … [ I know so many men]

and good skin care

I guess you can chop and change your wardrobe, replace old pieces with new , upgrade , but unless you go under the knife you can’t chop, change or upgrade your skin. You CAN however use products to improve the overall look and feel of the skin; keep the wrinkles at bay or soften any you may have. Saying that some wrinkles are a sign of a life well lived…I fully embrace my laughter lines.

I love a good pamper and I’m all over experiencing new procedures / self-love . I guess I just want to look the best version of myself .

With that in mind I thought I’d share some beauty bits and bobs with you that have been making me smile this month , including a procedure I’ve never had before. Plus a couple of events I’ve attended.

Some of these products have been gifted to me , and for transparency purposes I will mark these with a #

As always it’s worth noting I am 47 years old with combination skin. I had acne in my early twenties and have mild scarring. I still have the odd breakout.

MERUMAYA – Couture Cleansing Kit #

I have been using Merumaya skincare for a few years now . I am lucky to be in a position where I’ve met the founder Maleka on a few occasions [lovely inspiring lady] and I occasionally receive gifted products from this wonderful company . I also buy their products for myself with my own hard earned cash … which speaks volumes.

I was dead chuffed when I received this kit out of the blue a few months ago . It’s a great idea and a welcome edition on my bathroom shelf. It keeps everything neat and tidy. I look organised.

The thinking behind the kit is simple –
Is any one skin-day the same as the next? Included in the kit are full size cleansers / toners to cover all your skin needs be it an oily , dry or sensitive day.

Contents include :

Full Sizes of :

  • New Mineral Cleansing Paste – 100ml
  • Melting Cleansing Balm – 100ml
  • Luxury Facial Wash – 100ml
  • Gentle Exfoliating Toner – 128ml
  • Treatment Toner – 128ml
  • Manual Cleansing Brush
  • Cleansing Caddy

It’s a great idea and would make a super gift.


TEMPLE SPA – Drift Away #


This has to be up there amongst my favourite bath oils. Like everything Temple Spa it smells absolutely delicious.

You simply pour one cap full into a running bath, climb in , relax and let the spa-tastic smell wash over you and melt away your stresses . Luxurious bathing at its finest.

It can also be used as a massage oil .

TEMPLE SPA – Eyes Wide Open #

This has been my saviour product this month as I’ve been suffering with sore , dry eyes. Apparently I spend a lot of time on my mobile !

Eyes Wide Open is a refreshing lotion that brings relief to tired, puffy eyes . I soak 2 cotton pads in the lotion , place over each eye and lie down for 10/15 minutes and have a nana nap.

For an extra blast you can cool the bottle in the fridge.

It’s fabulous stuff that leaves my eyes feeling comfortable and refreshed.

TEMPLE SPA – Christmas Event

I spent a lovely evening last week with a group of like-minded Sheffield bloggers at The Botanist in Leopold Square .

Karen and her team treated us to an enjoyable few hours getting to know all about Temple Spa . They gave us a brief history of the company, why they joined and their favourite products.

We then had a peak at the full range of Christmas gifts. Yes I did just mention the C word!


There are some fabulous, affordable gifts.

One that took my eye [hello Santa] was the ‘Read my Lips‘ kit [ below] which includes 3 items. A lip scrub and two lip balms, the original and a tinted one. I think for £18.00 it’s a lovely little gift.

We had the chance to feel and have a good old sniff of the products on our skins.



FILORGA- Cryoled Treatment #

I was invited along to Debenhams in Meadowhall earlier this week. They have recently had a massive refurbishment [ it looks amazing] and they are now stocking Filorga in their Beauty Lounge.

If you aren’t aware Filorga are a French skin care company with over 30 years experience in professional anti-aging treatments.

They have partnered with Debenhams  and with the purchase of any two products from Filorga you will get a free Cryoled Perfusion Treatment worth £300

So what is it?


It is a non-invasive treatment which takes about 20 minutes. There is no down time, but the effects are instantaneous .

A serum is applied to your whole face and then an instrument is moved around your face pushing up and away from the centre of your face . It’s freezing cold but feels surprisingly soothing and relaxing on your skin . It lifts and firms the skin and encourages cell regeneration.

Barbara [ assistant ] did one half of my face first so I could compare it to the other side. There was a noticeable difference ; my skin looked plumped and smoother especially around my eye area.

It is something I would definitely like to experience again.

The only downside , and it’s not really a big downside , is that you have the treatment on the shop floor with people walking past. Basically it’s not very private. If you are conscious about your skin or being seen without makeup it’s worth noting.

CLARINS – Joli Rouge Gradation 801 Coral

I treated myself to a new lipstick a few weeks ago from Clarins, Debenhams, Meadowhall.

It’s a limited edition which at £24.50 is not the cheapest [but not the most expensive- hello Tom Ford] It’s also very different for me as it’s a bright coral. Mum would definitely have approved and while it took a bit of getting used too I really do love it.

It features two new shades in one single-stick. [above] Fused with the classic Joli Rouge formula for a smooth and creamy texture.

Its long-lasting and gives an immediate volumised finish for defined, sculpted and fuller lips.

And speaking of lipsticks …

CLINIQUE – Dramatically Different Lipstick Launch #

I joined a group of lovely ladies last week to get an introduction to new Dramatically Different Lipstick range [ which is exclusive to John Lewis]

We sipped on fizz , I met ‘Miss Sheffield’ [I did wonder why she was wearing a tiara on a Friday lunch ] and we were shown how to achieve a “Brighter Whiter Smile”

We then had the chance to have a play and try out some of the Lipstick shades for ourselves … on out actual lips.

The lipsticks suit all skin tones, are non-bleed and super hydrating. There are 30 shades to choose from which all feature a universal 3D pearl centre core within a unique, architectural bullet. This allows for precise application and a more sculpted, visually fuller lip.

It is also filled with active ingredients to make lips appear fuller, more resilient, and more defined over time. Sounds good right ?

I mean look at these beautiful shades…




We were also shown around the private beauty room, had a quick look at the Christmas gifts [I know that’s twice I’ve mentioned the C word in one post!] before each being booked in for a custom facial in a few weeks time. I know lucky us and how bloody exciting.

The ladies on the Clinique counter in John Lewis, Bakers Pool, Sheffield – Helen, Lucy & Hannah are super friendly and nothing is too much trouble.


Go and say hello, tell them Tracey sent you.

We left with a fabulous goodie bag each [more in a later post] and a corker of a cheese cake from Eras Chocolate who are set to open a shop in Kelham Island very shortly. If you love cakes and pastries this will be one to watch .

Be still my beating waistline.

I mean look … #dribbling


So that’s it … there is more but I’m worried I will bombard you with so much information your head might pop.

So until next time , I’m going to love you and leave you.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask away. Also please feel free to share. Sharing is caring!

Tracey x



  • PLEASE NOTE : This post includes some affiliated links. Basically this means if you click on some of the links I may earn a few pence.
  • As always all wording, opinions and photographs are strictly my own

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