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I’m still bloody singing Cliff Richards ‘Wired for Sound‘ I’m starting to not only do everybody else’s heads in , but even my own now !

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about because lets face not everybody follows me over on Instagram . I woke up yesterday morning with this song running around in my head which I’ve proceeded to sing / hum / whistle for the past 24 hours. I’m sure the last time I heard this tune was around 1984 so gawd knows where it came from , or rather what I was dreaming about last night !

Me and Cliff * shudders *

In an attempt to rid my mind of this ‘evil’ I thought that now would be the ideal time to grab a big coffee and talk to you about dresses. More specifically a couple of dresses from River Island that I received earlier this week.

I love a good dress, they are so easy to just slip on and go.

I favour a midi or maxi myself . I fear my mini days are over. Not because of my age … I’m a firm believer in wearing what the hell you want, but in my opinion because my legs have seen better days. Pilates is helping me get my tone back so I’m not ruling them out forever, just for the time-being.

I was given the opportunity to choose a couple of items from River Islands range of dresses. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection ; there were loads to choose from.

In my head I’ve always thought of River Island as being aimed mainly at the ‘young uns’, which at 47 is a category I no longer fall into . I’m not sure where or how these ideas are perceived in my mind but it couldn’t have been further from the truth – lots of items caught my eye, ones that wouldn’t make me look like mutton dressed as lamb.

So the 2 dresses I selected are both midi. One has short sleeves and the other long. I ordered size 14 in both. The length and fit on both are perfect . For information purposes I am also 5′ 10. I love them.

Typically I get beautiful new dresses [that I’m dying to wear] and the weather takes a turn for the absolute worse … as in it’s gone from sweltering to positively Baltic!

So lets ignore the weather and let me introduce you to my newest additions; starting with my favourite :

Tie neck shirred midi dress £46.00. Product No: 723227 – online exclusive.

It comes in several colours [I choose blue] and in sizes from 6 to 18

I love everything about it – the length, the balloon sleeves. The cuff ,neck and waist detail. It fits like a dream.

As it looks in the model [above]…

and on me [below].

I was hoping to get out and about, shoot some photos in the countryside you know. The weather put pay to that ! Typical Bank Holiday weather … rain. Though after the summer we have had we can’t really complain.

Photo bombed by Mollie Dog. She always wants in on the action !

Blue floral tie front midi dress £55.00

Product No: 724411 – online exclusive

Sizes available as above.

I love the print on this one. Gorgeous.

Both dresses swish [ I love to swish ] and are silky looking. They are in fact both 100% polyester.

This dog craves attention… I’m not sure where she gets it from!

I’m really pleased with both dresses and will definitely be returning to River Island in the not too distant future. I’ve already ear-marked a few more pieces that have taken my fancy.

Which one of the dresses is your favourite?

To shop River Island dresses for yourself // HERE

Now for the bad news … * drum roll *

I’m still bloody singing ‘Wired for Sound‘ ! #PossessedByCliff #BFIsAboutToKillMe

Until next time , Tracey x


* The dresses were gifted to me by a River Island in exchange for a review. As always all wording and opinions are strictly my own*

10 thoughts on “STYLE | the one where I talk about River Island dresses …

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Gemma. Mollie never leaves my side! Couldn’t get more than one photo without her so just left her on. She is so cute . Have a lovely day xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Caroline, I’m so pleased with them both. Put I think the long sleeved one just takes first place for me. Have a lovely day xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thanks got popping over Meg… it’s mine too just hoping the weather gets abit nicer so I can wear them xx

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