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“Teal is a deep blue-green colour; a dark cyan 

Teal gets its name from the coloured area around the eyes of the common teal, a member of the duck family.” 

Hey up its me, sat typing and sweltering. I’m at work and I really want to whip my bra, pants and dress off. Not my best idea. But hey … anybody else feeling the same vibe…

Apart from the glorious weather – this week has kicked off to a grand start. I’ve only gone and bloody won a dress over on instagram! I know, I know … go me!

I don’t often do fashion posts ; I’m hardly the most fashionable person on the planet . I personally think people should wear what the bloody hell they want too. It’s clothing not rocket science. It should be fun and it should also be a reflection of you, whether it’s ‘ in fashion‘ or not. #youdoyou

So like I was saying my winnings are far too good not to share; I thought I’d introduce you …I’ve not been asked to do this but I feel it’s a public service to do so.

It’s from the lovely guys at HotSquash London a brand I’ve seen and heard a lot about but who I’ve never purchased from before. To be honest it’s slightly over my normal price range with this dress coming in at £75.00 reduced from £95.00.

It’s a maxi dress, with an elasticated waist and pockets. It comes in sizes 8 to 22. I’m a size 12/14 and 5 ft 10. I’m wearing a size 12 here and I would have preferred it a tiny bit longer but it’s no biggy and it looks perfectly fine. It comes in a variety of colours. I choose teal. I’ve always loved teal but you don’t often tend to see that many clothes in this shade.

It’s funny … I often hear people talking about ‘their colours’ and how when you find the right one’s you’ll never look back. A good example of this is my friend Kate from Pouting in Heels who recently had a colour consultation.You can read her blog post HERE, then go and check out her Instagram to see her vibrant colour-changing wardrobe. No more black!

So I’m digressing [ regular readers … I know , I know !!]- I think teal maybe one of MY colours. As soon as I put the dress on my complexion looked brighter, my eyes seemed to sparkle… I just looked more alive.

Teal it is then!

With this in mind and on my quest for more clothes in this colour I’ve had a squidge around the ‘web’ for more items in this shade!

Here’s a few bits that caught my eye and while they wouldn’t all necessarily suit me , they may tickle your fancy. I’m nice like that.

* Teal Lace Detail Wide Leg Jumpsuit – ASOS £55.00

* Embroidered Sleeve Top – Minimum £30.00

* Georgie Paisley Midi Dress – Monsoon £34.50.

A dress with ‘aspects of teal’ [above] which sounds like it could be a follow up to Fifty Shades of Grey. I personally think it looks a bit ‘Mumsy’ but with a pair of chunky boots, a fitted jacket [ or an over-sized belted cardigan. ] and some big contrasting earring I recon it could take on another life.

Teal Petite Pom Pom Dress Maxi – JD Williams £39.00

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this [below] I’m already thinking about Christmas Parties and recon this could be a great contender. Its so simple but so classic.

Ghost London Natalie Dress – Next £145.00 *

I think Zebra print or gold accessories would pair with teal fabulously. While searching for shoes and bags in this print I stumbled on this dress which combines both zebra and teal. How gorgeous?

but …

[there’s always a but ]

it is also more than my monthly mortgage payment !

* Zebra Print Dress – Just Cavalli £420.00

If you say it quick enough it doesn’t sound so much !

* Zebra Print Stiletto – Kaleidoscope £45.00

Zebra Print Clutch – Gift Pop Boutique £19.50

* Zebra Print Court Shoes – Monki £45.00

So there you have it my little round-up of all things teal and zebra. To be honest I probably could have found some more, but the weather [glorious as it is]  is taking it out of me. Who knew you could get a sweat up by just typing .I need to go and free my beasts [my boobs] then go and wipe my forehead and top lip! [attractive]

Is this a colour combination you would consider wearing, or do you already have something similar ? As always I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Right there’s a cool bath and a large G&T beckoning

Un-teal next time,

Tracey x

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  1. Sue says:

    Your new dress looks good, I think tagging me brought you good luck!
    I wouldn’t have thought about teal in summer but looks good

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