Walking back to happiness featuring Transitions Optical Style Colours …

Story of my life…

I receive a couple of pairs of glasses to trail featuring the new Transitions Optical lenses from the new Style Colours collection  and the sun decides that in my corner of the world – Sheffield – it’s going to go into hiding… for the foreseeable future!

Speaking of Sheffield it’s made me smile today,  or rather its people have. I can only speak from a Sheffielders point of view because that’s where I am, but ‘by heck’ we are a mighty friendly  [ if slightly odd at times] bunch.

I encounter all sorts of people as I walk around Damflask with our Mollie. Somebody really needs to record a sit-com.

All walks of life, all shapes and all sizes. Today we were greeted by either a big toothy smile , a nod of the head, a cheery ‘Morning‘ or a pat on the back; Mollie’s back … not mine obviously!

I’m not sure if my senses become heightened as I stroll around and take in the beauty that surrounds me, or whether I appreciate life a little more having seen what mums going through? Either way the birds seemingly sing louder up in the trees, I’m entranced by the way the water dances as the light hits it?

A group of old ladies walked past us earlier. They smelt like my late Grandma Betty – ‘Palma violet  mixed with Yardley’ , you know that lovely old lady smell. It smelt comforting, familiar, it took me aback and brought a tear to my eyes.

I miss my Grandma …

I often ponder what my fellow walkers are thinking ? Especially the guy who jogged past us a few times earlier wearing the shortest shorts and knee-high socks ?!

I can almost forgive the but-cheek skimming shorts but KNEE HIGH BLOODY SOCKS

Firstly why? Is this a thing?

Secondly how the bloody hell did he keep them up?? I spotted him a couple of times. No sign of Nora Batty style-esq ankle creases, just lovely neat socks sat snug under the knee.

How’s that even possible – I have trouble keeping my chuffing trainer socks up.

Today I had Mollie, my ‘big’ camera and a bag full of props which included the sunglasses. I was hoping I would be able to pop them on at some point.

I did – for a whole 5 minutes !

Does anybody else find that when they stick a pair of glasses on they lose the power to function correctly. Walking mainly. It kinda imbalances me. Sitting is fine. Everything else goes pear-shaped.

Please tell me it’s not just me?….

So here is the first pair of glasses by ‘Face to Face’ model no ‘Philo 2’ complete with Transitions Optical Style Colour lenses in one of the new shades – Sapphire. The lenses compliment the frame beautifully.

Along with the above there are 3 new style-driven colours – Amethyst, Emerald and Amber. These join the existing colours Grey, Brown and Graphite Green.

Transitions are hoping the new colours with appeal to the younger market.

I’m not really sure I fall into that bracket anymore … but for what it’s worth I really like them.

The lenses change from light to dark when exposed to UV light.

How fabulous is that?

[thankfully the sun eventually popped out so I could take a piccy to show you! ]

These were my favourite pair out of the two mainly because they took me out of my comfort zone. It’s not a style I would normally wear. It’s attention grabbing eye-wear.

I love their shape and retro feel. My grandma used to wear a very similar pair when she was around-about my age. I obviously get my [fabulous] taste from her.

The BF takes great pleasure in telling me that my grandma must have also had a thing for looking like Dame Edna Everage! [I just laugh … to humour him ]

They are light-weight, stylish and the most beautiful subtle blue-grey.

Now for the technical part : 

As mentioned previously Transitions Optical lenses adapt to the changing light. They provide your eyes with just the right amount of shade they need for any situation.

They block out 100% of UV rays and help protect against harmful Blue Light from digital devices, screens, and especially, bright sun.

I don’t know about you but my eye sight is extremely important to me, little things like the above all help in protecting my precious peepers.

For the short time I had them on, my eyes felt comfortable. I didn’t find myself squinting which I can sometimes find myself doing even when wearing sunglasses!

Talking about squinting , it is extremely bad for making existing wrinkles worse and for creating new … reason if any to get a decent pair of glasses !

I love the idea that these lenses can be put into your prescription glasses. It would save so much ‘phaffing around’ and more-importantly you’d have perfect vision  while protecting your eyes from the sun’s powerful glare.

The second brown pair are by Jean Lafont -Foujita 318 glasses with co-ordinating lenses.

The above photo was taken indoors and below earlier today while sat in the  sunshine [ that eventually popped out!]

I love the shape and colour with the coordinating lenses, these are the type of style I would normally wear. They are ‘safer’ than the first pair.

In my opinion Transition Optical Style Colour lenses are the ideal solution for people who may or may not need help with their eyesight, who want protection from the sun and other damaging factors, BUT who also want to look stylish and express their individuality.

For more information on the full range and to  allocate your local stockists please click // here

As for me I’ll be back walking around the dam on Friday. Taking in all its glory, thinking far too much, trying to keep a mad dog out of the water [ I swear she’s part fish ] and observing my fellow sheffielders.

It’s a beautiful world… sometimes you just need to look and appreciate it.

And fellow Dam walkers you’re a beautiful, if slightly unusual lot too!

Should  you happen to spot a girl seemingly lost in her own head, who stops every two minutes to take a photograph. Who has a giddy brown labrador on her arm , please feel free to shout ‘ hey up’ … as that will no doubt be me!

I might even be giving knee -high socks a whirl !

Until next time,

Tracey x

* Both pairs of glasses were kindly loaned me for reviewing purposes. Thankyou for the opportunity. However as always all words and opinions are strictly my own *

2 thoughts on “Walking back to happiness featuring Transitions Optical Style Colours …

  1. Sue says:

    They both look good, I like the first ones on you.Are they expensive?
    I wear varifocals so that would bump up the price but will have a look,

    • lizandtracey says:

      I had a quick look think for the whole shebang they are about £350.00 but if pop across just to double check. You know I get everything wrong. See you tomorrow evening xx

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