Work wear edition…

Sorry I’ve not been around that much…

To cut a long story short my mum has been admitted into hospital for pain management. She’ll be in for a week or so.

When I’ve not been working , I’ve been visiting her.

When I’ve not been visiting her I’ve been thinking about her.

What I’m doing 24/7 – worrying about her.

I’m emotionally drained.

Despite sporting a rather horrendous hangover [ I’m never drinking again ] I thought I’d do a quick post today about work wear. More specifically what I’ve been wearing to work the last couple of weeks.

It’s an area not many people tend to cover so I thought I would. Let’s face it we spend most of our life at work.

I personally tend to ‘shop my wardrobe‘ and mix and match clothes that I already have. Let’s face it not everybody is in the position to buy clothes every week.

If you are then lucky you. Go enjoy.

If you are not then let me reassure you, you are not alone. In an ‘Instagram world’ where people show-case their new purchases daily it would be quite easy to loose heart. 

Please don’t…

Whatever category you fall into I’m hoping some of these looks will hopefully inspire you; fashion should be fun, an expression of you.

Go explore your wardrobe; don’t be afraid to experiment and mix textures, colours and patterns.

If it doesn’t work , start again it’s only clothes. It’s not a life or death situation.

So here goes …

Starting off with my first outfit which features a bit of everything … pleather, stars and denim.

To smarten this look up I would substitute the denim jacket for a black tailored one.

I’d also recommend not wearing pleather trousers when it’s hot and sunny. ‘Sticky leg syndrome ‘as I’ve named it, is not nice!

Makes you feel positively mucky it does…

I currently work part-time for my dad who runs a steel manufacturing company.

Unlike my previous job as Office Manager at a Design company , it calls for me to be smart but I can be more lenient and a lot more casual.

I loved the outfit above as it was smart and so comfy.

Airy around the legs … no stickiness !

I think culottes and a jacket are great transitional items of clothing to wear right now. Just add a blouse , a bag and some great shoes.

False tan also helps .The thing with culottes is you only need to false tan upto your knee! Lazy girl tanning.

Above :

My favourite ‘go to’ outfit and one that I tend to wear a lot is a jumper, jacket , jeans … [on repeat]

To bring the outfit together and make it look ‘put together’ I matched the brown of the boots with my brown bag.


Is an outfit that I feel worked better in my head than it did in reality. I’m not exactly ‘feeling it’ all together, but I love all the pieces separately.

The jacket is Topshop and not far off the same age as me. Ancient, sorry make that vintage.

The Jumpsuit is awfully short in the body and isn’t great for sitting at a desk all day. [ gives serious camel toe]

* * * * * * * *

The common dominator in all these outfits is a jacket and of course the statement boot.

Luckily as I had to be super smart when I was Office Manager I have a fairly large selection of jackets accumulating in my wardrobe.

As I’m also a massive hoarder I still have a few of them to choose from.

If the above has not inspired you here’s some more inspiration courtesy of Pinterest 

… that most definitely will. 

I love the pop of bright yellow on the jacket and the sandals, especially with the summer months encroaching.

The orange of the bag matches the orange in the necklace. Subtly tying it all up as mentioned previously.

If there’s one item of clothing I’m keen to add to my wardrobe in the not too distant future its a white jacket. [Though I’m not sure white and I are very well suited! ]

As the photos above prove it looks so good with everything …

Ralph Laurent Jacket – £299.00

Totally out of my price-range but worth a mention as it’s so fabulous.’

In its defense it would no doubt last a life time ; a good investment piece.

Military Style Jacket – £18.00

More in my price-range.

Boohoo white scuba jacket – £15.00

I think I might need a red blazer too !

I love this look.

Pinterest is officially dangerous!

* * * * * * * *

Finally a little random ‘fashion moment’ musing :

Yesterday I mooched frantically around Meadowhall looking for a plain black light weight fitted jumper [ to wear last night] You would think it would be easy to find one wouldn’t you?

Not only are they super stylish and quick and easy to throw on; I also had an outfit in mind and it specifically included the above.

Could I find one , could l heck? [If you follow me on twitter you may have seen my rants.]

I think retailers forget that trends come and go but a true wardrobe staple never goes out of fashion. Shops need to keep the classics.

I’m  a massive fan of the statement sleeve but not every outfit cries out for one. Sometimes you just want to keep it simple.

I find it pays to shop online when you are after something specific, which is what I’m off to do right now.

If your after me I’ll be found searching ‘little black light weight fitted jumpers’

Wish me luck …

Until next time, Tracey x

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6 thoughts on “Work wear edition…

  1. beautybumpandme says:

    Absolutely adore all of these outfits! You’re one stylish lady. Thanks for linking up to #whatmamaworemonday xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou. I love link ups as they introduce you to new blogs & people. I was only asking the other day if there were any new ones out there. I’m off to look at every one else’s posts now, Tracey xx

  2. Jane Leafe says:

    I love following you/your outfits ( we’re the same age)
    You’re so down to earth and realistic ( I can’t buy new stuff every wk either)
    You’ve made me look at the clothes I already have and I’m being a bit more adventurous.
    So thanks for being you and I hope you’re mum’s better soon ( mums are very precious and I wish mine was still here)

    Jane x

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Jane,
      That’s a really lovely message and I’m so glad I’m being of some use.
      Mums ok she’s still got a long way to go until they get her pain under control but she’s slowly getting there. They are so precious, Tracey xx

  3. Humaira says:

    I love the fact that all of your outfits are a quirky twist on workwear. None of them are boring and can easily be more dressed up for a meeting or lunch with friends! Great post!

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