LBD with added shizz & floral shoes

“One Is Never Over-Dressed OR Understated With A Little Black Dress” Karl Lagerfeld

I didn’t plan on buying anything, honestly I didn’t. I’ve been in a fashion rut just a lately.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve put a little weight on recently and I feel like everything looks blahhh on me or it’s the weather.

Maybe it’s a combination of both.

Anyway I’m on a diet, I’ve started a new fitness regime that involves lots of walking and it’s getting warmer.

Oh and I bought a little black dress from River Island.

It’s a shirt dress but with a little added ‘shizz ‘ in the way of some pretty silver embroidery on the shoulder and across the back.

I feel like a cross between Cato Fong [ Inspector Clouseau’s manservant in the Pink Panther movies ] and a Geisha Girl when I’m wearing it … which makes me smile.

I might start jumping out of wardrobes at the unexpecting boyfriend!

I figure this will work both now and during the summer. Now with tights and my faux fur jacket.

In the summer bare legs [ false tanned of course ] with sandals and lots of silver arm candy.

I could even wear it open with a white vest underneath and a pair of black cropped jeans.

I do like something that’s versatile and I plan to try out lots of looks. They might all look rubbish but it’s good to experiment.

I wore ‘LBD with shizz‘ only last week for lunch out.

I added a choker and one of my many crosses. I also gave the side pony tail a whirl.

I wore it with these fabulous Jacaranda floral shoe boots from Lotus Shoes complete with the matching Arvida tote bag.

I love the floral detail and the buckle which adds interest . They aren’t too high and are very comfortable which is always a bonus when you have a dodgey right foot.

The bag is the ideal size for me and its sturdy . I do love a big bag as I tend to carry everything around with me including the kitchen  sink! It also features the floral detailing as seen on the shoe boots which is so pretty.

I really should have popped on some tights but [as usual ] I couldn’t find any and [as usual] we were in a rush!

S.T.O.R.Y  O.F   M .Y   L.I.F.E




img_0683-1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve recently enlisted the boyfriend to take my photos.

He has the patience of a natt and the ability to chop bits of me off [ usually my head] , but he’s not done too bad this time.

We did nearly kill each other in the process mind …but that’s a story for another day!

I think it’s about time I released my inner manservant and whipped him into shape !

Until next time, Tracey x

  • Shoes & Bag gifted to me by Lotus Shoes but as always all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.
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