The Yes’s and No’s of Christmas …

Somethings bugging me and I need to get it off my chest …while I adore Christmas I don’t like the way its heading. Each year it feels less and less like Christmas and this worries and saddens me.

Lets think about it for a  minute…

Christmas trees, baubles and the like start popping up in shops as early as chuffing October; a whole 2 months before Christmas ( and far too early) The festive adverts aren’t far behind. Christmas is basically thrust in our faces and there is no escaping.

All that build up for the big day . The big day being Christmas day which quite honestly comes and goes in a beautiful  yet very quick flash.

Boxing Day is here before we know it along with the the sales which start as early as 5.30am! (Next I’m talking to you)

I feel sorry for those that work in retail. Did you enjoy your 1 day off for Christmas?

Yes, yes, yes they’ll get days off in Lou but it’s hardly the same is it ?? A few days off in January when Christmas is a fond memory and friends and family are back at work.

Bloody hell retailers can’t you wait a few days, give your employees a proper Christmas break ?

People can’t you wait? …play with the  gifts  you’ve already received?

AND seriously if you can venture out of your pit at that time- 5.00am you a) need a word with yourself b) obviously didn’t  indulge in Christmas day enough. Most people enjoy a well deserved lie-in with chocolate in bed … for breakfast… because it is after all Christmas  and it’s totally acceptable.

Back in the day (when I was a wee child) I can remember everything closed down for a few days and it was great .

If you didn’t have bread and milk then sorry you didn’t get bread and milk. We didn’t starve. It was a proper break from everything and I cherished that time with my family and friends. No escaping to go off and buy a bag or pair of designer shoes that  quite honestly wouldn’t spoil if you waited a few days would it?

Christmas should be a time for celebration; the real meaning of Christmas is  getting lost amongst the endless ‘ i want’ pressies , to do lists and chuffing sales.

What happened to tradition … no kids came caroling at our door this year? I do hope you left a glass of milk and a mince out for Santa… and a carrot for the reindeers.

Do children still get bikes as gifts … come rain, sun or snow our street was always awash with kids Christmas Day morning excitedly playing on their new toy? I’ve not seen a child outside, never mind a new bike!

Now a days everybody seems so stressed out by it all …it’s like they are  relieved when it’s over? The decorations come down and the pressies are tucked away before you can say boo to a goose!

It’s as though  we aren’t allowed to enjoy and saviour Christmas because we’re already moving onto the next thing. We are bombarded with sale emails and holiday adverts the very next day. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Cadbury bloody egg reared it ugly head!

We need to slow down and enjoy the moment. The pressure to spend, spend, spend needs to stop… for a few days atleast.

I urge you all to put your feet up, drink Baileys (or your tipple of choice) like it’s gone out of fashion. Snack on chocolate,  go play on your new bike. Catch up with friends , watch an old movie. Go for a long walk.

Take time out. Enjoy the festive period   and lead up to 2017.

I shall be found doing all the above and will 100% not be venturing to any shops. I figure I have another 360 days to do just that. It can wait, this is family time.

Tell me it’s not just me ?

Can somebody please go and find the Christmas of old and tell her we want her back?!

Until next time, Tracey x

** like many greats this year my laptop decided to die half way through me writing this… so it’s been finished over on my phone. When I get sorted I will format it properly so please bear with me **

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5 thoughts on “The Yes’s and No’s of Christmas …

  1. Andrea says:

    I totally agree !! I’m in retail and the customers ( use the word loosely) have acted appalingly. They have thrown stock around with total disregard and shouted at each other and elbowed each other while ‘Q’ jumping !!!! so much for ‘peace on earth and good will to all men’ … spent my days avoiding eye contact with them, because smacking them in the mouth is frowned upon 🙄

  2. Gail Hanlon says:

    Fully agree! Read that Christmas Day is one of the biggest days for online sales. Can’t people stop acquiring yet more “stuff” even on the one day of the year when they could be talking / playing games / going for walks? People on their own, and it can be for many reasons on Xmas Day, have my sympathy and please go ahead and browse….but the rest of us, electronic detox for 24 hours.


  3. carterfamily4 says:

    It is most definitely about family Tracey and agree totally, the build up spoils the reality of Christmas for me. The kids sprinkled their reindeer dust and left out the carrots and mince pie. I’m working today but then I’ll be back to my Bailey’s and enjoying time as a family until the new year xxx enjoy Mrs and Happy New Year 😘

  4. Sue says:

    My grandchildren left out the mince pie and carrot and Felix got a new bike and was out there in his pj’s and helmet .
    Lovely sentiments, am off for a swim x

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