Today I feel like Dale on Supermarket sweep.

Yes I’ve false tanned myself and I’m currently a lovely shade of citrus fruits (will I ever learn?) but that apart I’m doing a give-a-way!! Which thinking about it has absolutely no relevance to Supermarket sweep …but hey.

It’s just my little way of saying thank you. A BIG THANK-YOU to everybody who reads my ramblings and comments be that on the post itself, twitter, facebook or Instagram.

I  blinking hit just over 4k followers on Instagram earlier this week which is unbelievable!

It’s small fry in the world of IG but I’m honestly dead chuffed. In the big scheme of things yes it is only Instagram but I’m putting myself out there ; I do think about what content to post and I try to create interesting posts.

The blog readership is steadily growing. ( I now have 4 followers!) #joking

It’s all gravy as we say around these parts.

Anyway I’m not going to gush anymore … let’s get to the good bit.

(drum roll)

Here’s what we are giving away.

A Taste of Temple Spa which contains the following:

  • Drift Away – relaxing bath and massage oil 30ml
  • Be Gone – kind-hearting cleansing lotion ml
  • Breakfast Smoothie – natural normal exfoliator ml
  • Becalm – Soothing face mask ml
  • Toning Essence – essential mist toner 30ml
  • Be Still – settling moisturiser 15ml
  • All Talk – moisturising lip balm 4ml
  • Exalt – firming neck gel 15ml
  • Peace Be Still – calming skin balm 15ml
  • AAAHHH! – soothing balm for aching feet & limbs 15ml
  • Repose – aromatherapy resting cream 15ml
  • Palm Balm – Luxurious skincare for hands 7ml

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning  is to like and comment on this post stating what you would like to read more about on the blog  ie. beauty, fashion, Sheffield life, travel…absolutely anything I won’t be offended.

A winner will be picked at random on Friday 12th August, 2016 GMT (I’m thinking a live draw over on Instagram stories would be fun)

If you’ve not heard of Temple Spa before it’s a great way to sample and get acquainted. Give yourself a full-body pamper.

If you have and you liked it (there’s not much to not like tbh) these would make great travel sizes to pop in your suitcase.

I’m currently sat sniffing the box (I’m not a weirdo with a strange affliction) it just smells delicious, a treat for all your senses. I wish we had ‘smelly-vision’

For more information on Temple Spa – products, hosting a class or becoming a consultant please pay a visit to facebook and head for Karen Bell Temple Spa

Karen will be-able to answer any questions you may have. Don’t worry you’ll be in very safe hands. She is one of my best friends , is totally approachable and will sort you out!

So all that’s left for me to say is GOOD LUCK, THANK-YOU and get entering.


In other news  I went to the theatre last night with the boyfriend. It was his birthday treat. He hit 47 at the weekend.

We had tickets to see ‘No Mans Land’ at the Lyceum starring Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen.

The beautiful Lyceum theatre (above) and the world famous Crucible which hosts the World Snooker Tournament

Both of us were keen to see these actors in action and they didn’t disappoint. Fabulous acting but to be honest the story lost me. There was lots of dialogue and while I’m not thick I did loose my way at times.

We were also sat that far back we were almost in Rotherham!

I’m off to an event tonight with Liz over in Leeds. I can’t wait to see her as it’s been a while .

Blogging buddies reunited.

I’ll report back as I’ll hopefully have some fab things to show you.

Until next time, Tracey x

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24 thoughts on “Thankyou…

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou lovely. Your support on here and Instagram etc. is always appreciated.
      I’m planning to reinstate Ladies that lunch that’s gone off the boil lately. I have various places I’m keen to try. Thank you for popping over and commenting and Good Luck . Live draw on Friday !! XX

  1. carterfamily4 says:

    Congratulations Tracey am I allowed to say I love your blog especially your reviews of restaurants and places to visit, especially love that we live around the same area ….and get to see great places to visit in Sheffield xx 4K well deserved 😘

  2. Rebecca Norman says:

    Congratulations on the 4K followers. Your blog is the only one worth reading as its like talking and having a laugh with a mate. Love your fashion tips both high streets and high end gear. And love your takes on life itself. Stay as you are as you are bloody lovely. Xx.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thank you Rebecca, Your continued support on here and everywhere else I am is greatly appreciated. Your comment also made me day , that’s one of the biggest compliments and what we where always aiming for. Good Luck and don’t forget t watch out for the live draw on Friday! xxx

  3. Maemi says:

    Wow! That sounds incredible. I really enjoyed your monthly favourites posts, the last one especially <3 , as well as style posts. Hope to see more of them 🙂

  4. midlife matters says:

    Well done! fashion and beauty is a fav….but being a yorkshire lass as well, I really like your reviews of the local area.
    Plus your lovely random tales of your life!
    Basically keep doing what you’re doing and good luck gaining more followers.

  5. Cath says:

    Hi, I would also like to see more fashion and beauty posts – for example high street / pharmacy beauty products you like. Congrats on reaching 4,000 followers. I am one!

  6. josie1bee says:

    Congratulations on your Instagram success, I’m one of the 4000. I always enjoy your clothing and makeup posts as you don’t tend to go for things which cost “silly money” I would love to see more.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hello lovely lady, I really appreciate your support on here and IG . I’m working on a beauty post as we ‘speak’ . Thankyou for your comment and good luck xx

  7. Donna Watterson says:

    Love your blog, IG and snapchat …The fashion and beauty are my favourite bits oh and the nosey part of me loves the look into your life ! Congrats on the 4K followers on IG

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