Marbella Diary Day 1 – the villa and first night out.


Somebody once said that “the best therapy is time spent laughing with great friends” I’ve just had 4 days ‘therapy’ and it’s done me the world of good.

By golly have we laughed…

and then some.

We’ve partied (a lot) and for want of a better word I’m back home and I’m bloody knackered. Rolling in at 6 in the morning was bad enough in my twenties,  at 45 it’s a killer but worth the tired, fuzzy head.

As my mum often says …”your a long time dead. Why sleep when you can dance?”

Why not indeed mum….

So what was the occasion?

We flew out to Spain  to join Leigh in celebrating her 50th . This was actually back in May (little details – long story)

We booked a plush villa in the hills above Marbella for the weekend so we could all be together.

Let me introduce you to our home for 4 luxurious days …


Private Pool.


Terrace and Dining area.


Pool area plus Leigh and a lie-low .


View from the first floor bedroom terrace , which I had the pleasure to be staying in. Look at the views




Leigh got spoilt and we exchanged gifts and cards. We also bought Nicola (above) a cake as it had been her special birthday earlier this year . I think she liked it.


P6243905.jpg ******

Marbella is about a 45 minute, maybe an hours drive from Malaga airport.

We were staying in the 5 bedroom villa at Los Naranjos Hill Club in Nueva Andalusia (say that with your mouth full)

Now it wasn’t the easiest of places to find and even some of the local taxi drivers struggled to find it.  We did however make it home safely each night…

… sometimes morning. Dirty stop outs.

The villa was situated with-in a gated community so it felt extremely safe. We struggled to get in sometimes!!

I’d say it was a 10 minute drive to Puerto Banus and about a 20 minute drive to Marbella.

Some of the other villas in the area where to die for. Take this one for example which is currently for sale. *Sighs*

The villa we stayed in is also currently up for sale.

Oh if only I was rich I’d snap it up. It could be yours for 975,000 euros. Yes I am currently planning how I can afford it.

Basically after contemplating selling everything including Frankie the cat, I can’t!

Desperate and ready for a night out above.

Quick outfit details : White lace dress (Rachel) from H & M (recent purchase ) my dress is by a Brand Fashion via eBay ( recent purchase ) as it was sold out on ASOS. However after deciding I looked like a sugar-plum fairy in mine it might be getting relisted on ebay!


Just a 5 minute taxi drive from the Villa we found Fuel Brasserie  (Avenida del Prado 3, Nueva Andalucia 29660, Marbella) where we ate on Friday evening.

We sat on the plush terrace and watched the sunset against a mountain back-drop complete with a cocktail in our hands.


The place and setting were actually better than the food.

Now I wouldn’t say the food was that bad they were just a-bit stingy with the portions. Some of the starters actually looked bigger than the mains.

You also had to pay separately for your sides i.e veg, potatoes, chips  which drives me bonkers and quickly bumps the already high cost up.

If you ordered a steak that’s basically all you got.

Saying that I’d definitely go there again because of the location and the amazing views. The cocktails weren’t bad either.

The Girls, or rather ladies.

From left to right I give you – Sue, Carol, Julia, Lisa , Me , Rach, Lynette, Nicola (barely seen) Leigh and Karen.


I do love a Porn Star Martini …

Julia looking allsorts of beautiful above,  while Lisa and Karen play on silver thrones inside.

Birthday Girl (below) also on a silver throne.

(the quality of some of the night  pics isn’t very good . I decided against taking my big camera -Olymus Pen – out at night in-case I lost it.)

Just a  2 minute walk from Fuel we found the Living Room Bar (Avenida del Prado – Aloha Gardens 29660, Marbella) which again is worth a visit.

It’s a lively little bar which was tastefully decorated (these things matter) played some great music and had a pool room (one for the boys) We had a couple of drinks and a boogie before heading into Puerto Banus.

The main and 2nd strip (as it’s known) at Puerto Banus are not for the faint hearted and in places can get a little ‘trashy’. Its changed a lot since we visited some 15 years ago and isn’t as exclusive.

The night we visited we had to dodge  numerous lucky-lucky men (who do get on your nerve’s after a while ) the guys trying to drag you into their bars with the lure of free shots and the many, many hen and stag do’s.

Everybody was enjoying themselves (fabulous) and where harmless enough (apart from the guy we thought might wee all over Lisa) However sweaty , crammed bars with ‘hammered’ girls and boys falling all over you  hit a ‘been there and done  it’ button and without sounding snobby is something we would all rather avoid.

We did find a couple of great bars, thanks mainly to a lovely lady who worked at Linekers Bar! She pointed us in the direction of Bambinos? (can’t remember the exact name … nothing to do with the drink!)

Despite working at Linekers she stated it was more us… a polite way of saying it was more civilised with an older clientelle no doubt.

This made me giggle as it reminded me of the girl in Valencia last year who dragged us into her club stating it was great because there were seats for the old people to sit down?!

Charming! … I honestly think we could give any 20 year olds a run for their money.

We stayed in the ‘un sure of the name’ last bar until god knows what time, mingling, drinking and dancing. It was a great first night. I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take any photos!!

Bad , bad blogger…but even bloggers are allowed a night off.


I’ve decided that in  order for this post not to go on forever and a day I’ll be  splitting it up into days.

Join me next time for day 2 which will involve hilarious water aerobics, lie-low racing and La Sala on the Beach…


Tracey x

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      I’m just working on day 2 … I have so many blinking photos. We had an amazing few days, it just went too fast ! Thankyou for reading & commenting xx

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