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I was going to do a post today about Lola , you know my cat, the one that I lost last week. I mentioned it to my BF earlier who shrugged his shoulders and said “oh I wouldn’t if I were you its a beautiful day you’ll depress people”… I suppose he may have a point…

He’s busy downstairs fitting our new kitchen. For those of you regular readers ( I presume we have a few) yes the kitchen we started before bloody Christmas. What can I say its been somewhat of a nightmare …BUT I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.(she says through gritted teeth and with baited breathe)

So with the sun shining outside I’m starting to think about all things summer holiday related. I’ve not mentioned my forth-coming weekend away in Marbella with the girls  have I? (only about 200 times!) I’m also hoping to get a week away with the Mr, somewhere hot, shortly. Maybe even Ibiza?

I’ve recently been drawn to everything Boho. It’s so colourful, pretty and basically fun. It’s like Ibiza and holidays all rolled up in one, often associated with the ‘arty farty’ types. Yep I’ve been called that before!

I’ve been scouring ebay and the like for ‘Ibiza inspired’ clothing. My boyfriend thinks I’m having a ‘crisis’ … of what sorts I’ve no idea but a crisis non the less.

Maybe it’s a cry out to my younger self, the one who spent the amazing summer of 1987 Island hopping around the Greek Islands. It was just Karen (one of my best friends) and I, my ruck-sack, several pairs of shorts, my treasured converse and no hair-dryer! Yes there was a time when I could live without my electrical friend. Saying that my hair was that short it didn’t need it.

We lived (and partied) for 7 blissful weeks in just our bikinis and shorts, sun-kissed and care-free …(pre my factor 50 days !) ‘hopping’ from island to island.

Such an amazing experience. I’ll tell you about it one day…

Anyway I’ve recently discovered Emonk Ibiza via Instagram and I’m now hankering after a pair of their boots…

What do you think?

I love them.

Boyfriend hates them !


Emonk Ibiza Boho – 374,95 euros – Emonk Ibiza

They aren’t cheap ; I think 374 euros  works out about £300!… but I really, really  want them or something similar.(I’m currently selling everything I own on ebay to be able to afford them)

Could you imagine these worn with a pair of denim cut down shorts or a cream lace mini dress , tanned legs, a big beaded bag slung over your shoulder and lots of colourful jewellery.

It’s a gorgeous look and I really don’t care how old I am  … I’m sure if styled correctly i.e . I wore shorts that didn’t ride right up my arse , a dress that wasn’t too short and a top that covered my muffin top, complete with lots of  tasteful jewellery … I could pull it off.

The look would work equally as great with jeans, a white shirt and a ‘fancy’ waistcoat / jacket. Yes I’m fancying a waist-coat.

Here’s the look I’m going for (my inspiration) and will be endeavouring to ‘copy’ this  over the next few weeks with a cheeky few purchases (bank account willing).

I already have some of the basics – the ripped jeans, the loose white shirts, fedora hat and enough jewellery to chuck your hat at . I just need to inject some colour, funky accessories  and ‘boho’ myself… release my inner hippy chick.

all images via Pinterest:




Here are some more items that caught my eye:


Gada Gada coin sandals – 62,50 euros – Ibiza Mode

I’m a sucker for a colourful sandal and though still relatively expensive , the above are more in my price range. Just add painted  nails, tan, a beach ….you get the picture.


Sandalias Boho Piel – 245,00 euros Emonk Ibiza

These come in lots of different colour ways.


Boho Fringed Bag 3 -£49.00 – Say What you C

The first I heard of  Say What You C was on the_fashionlift Instagram ( fabulous) page where Fran was show-casing a beautiful bag. (Not the one above).

I popped over and was pleasantly surprised as they have some great stuff;  I wanted to buy it all. The bag I’ve featured is exactly what I’m after. It’s delicious.

I’m also lusting over the bag below, which has unfortunately sold out. Booooo ! They have similar ones in stock , so its worth taking a look.


Clutch Lalla – 159,00 euros KNA Paris


I  have a ‘thing’ for turquoise and tan jewellery, especially turquoise. You can usually find it scattered around the house. Seriously, I found a bracelet that had been missing for months in a blinking tea cup the other day?!

I shall add to my collection as I love an arm full of bracelets… especially multi-coloured ones on tanned arms.


Turquoise Bracelets – purchased from a boutique in Sheffield


Black and Sigi have some fabulous jewellery. I’ve got my eye on a couple of their bangles. I bought some earrings from them before Christmas and always get complimented when I wear them.

All I need now is for my hair to grow super quick so I can sport a tousled beach head look … with some serious sunshine on my back.

I’ll keep you updated on how I get on and I hope you’re feeling that summer vibe as much as I am. I feel like knocking up a cocktail!!

Have you got your eye on anything special to wear over the summer months? I’d love to hear.

Until next time, Tracey x

3 thoughts on “Boho Chic

  1. RetroChicMama says:

    I really enjoy your writing but without the sign up form I wasn’t getting notice of your posts. Now I can sign up it’s so much better, great job babe x
    p.s. I never listen to Marks opinions about what I wear although it’s been many years since he voiced one. H e learned that lesson early on hahahaha

  2. RetroChicMama says:

    Wow Tracey your blog has had an amazing make over! I love it BRAVO woman!
    Apologies for not popping by in a while, looks like you’ve been very busy.
    I feel your pain re kitchen reno – we’re mid loft conversion, then a pipe burst in the kitchen (completely unrelated would you believe?) & well you know, 3 kids create a lot of laundry….Anyhoo….
    Not sure the boots are for me but totally see where you’re coming from wearing them with cut-offs. With your tiny figure you’ll be smokin’ hot in this outfit come Summer – good luck with sales, I’m sure you’ll get there. I know what it’s like to be so madly in love (with a pair of shoes) that you’ll sell everything you own to raise the readies 😉
    p.s. sorry about puss
    My Mike is 18 & getting very frail.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hello lovely, it’s looking better but needs loads more work. But thank you that means a lot 🙂
      Yes the kitchen is doing my head in. Getting there but very, very slowly. Sorry to hear about your burst pipe… Nightmare …. But looking forward to hearing all about the loft conversion.
      Regards boots … My bf hates them with a passion but he’s not wearing them :)) Currently selling everything… Made £100 so far on eBay 🙂 not bad for a few days slog.
      Thanks again for popping over and commenting. I love receiving comments / feedback but they are few and far in between. I want people to talk to me.
      Yes I have insomnia it’s 2.30am and I’m wide awake.

      Tracey xxx

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