Derma Roll update … with me looking like an extra from Evil Dead. You have been warned!

So I had my 3rd of the 6 recommended derma rolls at MedispaS10 on Wednesday evening. Its weird, despite the pain I was actually looking forward to it.

In previous posts I’ve gone into the ‘techy – how it works’ stuff. This is more a photo diary of what to expect your skin to look like after treatment.

derma 7

What you probably want to know is whether or not its actually doing anything to improve my skin?

I’m happy (and slightly poorer) to report that yes it is, but derma roller takes time, drastic changes don’t happen over night. It will take months.

Saying that I can definately start to see a difference, subtle changes that maybe only I can see?

Hypo-pigmentation is not as obvious, my skin looks more evenly toned. The scarring I had is looking softer, my open pores aren’t as open. I don’t suffer with spots half as much as I used too and when I do get the little blighters they don’t hang around as long as they used too. I think they’re eventually getting the message that I don’t like them.

Its only taken 43 years!!!

So as promised below is a photo of me immediatly after treatment. I look worried. Wouldn’t you?

‘I’m going to get you!’ Sticks a crayon in her friends hand and gets chucked and locked down the cellar … If you’ve not seen Evil Dead – that was wasted on you.

As we were. Me looking awful…

DERMA 3Pretty scary eh…

Can you imagine what I thought after the first treatment? I was almost in tears.I envisaged waking up the next morning with a just a big scab for a face. I was assured that I wouldn’t and given a big glass of water to cool down and regain my composure.

The blood is wiped away, the hairband removed and your left looking like you have severe sunburn with ‘theres something about Mary hair’ (the sperm scene)

Pretty as a picture… NOT. You run to your car and pray you don’t bump into anybody.

The next morning I looked like this.

Still a little redder than usual but nothing as horrendous as above. All I have on my face here is a layer of Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB cream which I was sent earlier in the week from Janiro and which I am very impressed with.

Full review to follow.

derma 4

derma 5

This morning I look like this.


Things are more or less back to normal. Well as normal as they get around here.

Again all I have on my skin is the BB Cream as mentioned above, a dusting of No. 7 powder and a splash of NYX blusher.

It’s very important you wear a sun-screen on a daily basis , but especially important after your treatment as your skin is more sensitive than usual. The Ginvera BB cream has an SPF 30.

It always surprises me just how quickly the skin repairs itself. This is after just 3 days.

I have my next appointment scheduled for 6 weeks time. This gives the skin time to recover, one can only take so much needling.I am excited to see the results after the full course.

For further information on derma rolling click here and I will of course keep you updated on my progress.

And lastly because my mum , who happens to have beautiful skin insists I’m bonkers for putting myself through all this …I share with you one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite books.

derma 8


Until next time , Tracey x

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11 thoughts on “Derma Roll update … with me looking like an extra from Evil Dead. You have been warned!

  1. theparentingjungle says:

    Lol the Evil dead reference had me in stitches…that picture does look painful but I was also thinking what lovely eye make up! And I think your face looks younger than mine and I am 28…*goes and drinks 2 litres of water and attempts to stop smiling*. I think if you are noticing the difference and feel happy then that’s fantastic! #brilliantblogposts xx

  2. mummydaddymia says:

    Wow it seems so harsh but your skin looks fantastic! I think it would be too much for my skin as having my eyebrows done leaves the red raw for a few days!! I have always wondered how these derma roll things work so I was really interested to see how you got on 🙂


    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou for reading and commenting . It’s a great treatment and the results are fab. Thankfully your face is numbed as it still hurts but it’s a nice pain … If that makes any sense! Tracey x

  3. Lou says:

    Literally just found your blog lovely ladies and we are hooked. i have read a lot about derma roll and know a professional colleague who is a big fan- you look amazing (before and after) X Lou

  4. Seannie says:

    It looks ouchie but the results are clear. You’re harder than I am. Well done and a great blog 👏👏

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