Derma Roller Update – Session 2

6 weeks flew by and before I knew it there I was again relaxing on a treatment table , coffee in hand, magazines a plenty while my face was nicely numbing .The rather lovely Juliet at medispaS10 kept popping her head around the door to make sure I was o.k and to fill my cup up.

I rarely ever sit and do ‘nothing’ . The treatment room is tastefully decorated in calming creams and whites. I walk in and resume the ‘flop’ positon . There is no phone signal . No distractions . It’s always rather pleasant to just lay there doing just that. Nothing.

After a good 50 minutes, maybe a little nap, and suitably numb I’m called in to have my second derma roller treatment. I’m looking forward to it (the results after just one treatment are great) but I ‘m also dreading it (it hurts!) . That unforgettable ,scratchy repetitive pain. I tell myself that it can’t be any worse than the first time around. Oh how wrong can one be . It is. Starting on my forehead the nurse runs the roller in each direction 6 times more or less making the pattern of the Great Britain flag . Forehead and top lip hurt the most. Foreheads aren’t fleshy and the top lip itches like mad. As I’m rolled I can feel myself flinch, pulling away from her. This is pointless there is no escaping . I think she secretly enjoys inflicting pain!

The whole rolling process takes about half an hour. I’m once again covered in blood. It’s not a pretty sight . Apparently I have blood running from one area on my jaw line. Its sounds gruesome but the more you bleed the better the result.

photo 2 - Copy

Above  chilling while numbing and below a couple of hours after treatment. The pictures aren’t the best but if you look closely you can see the roller marks especially between my eyes / forehead. I am alot redder than I look!!

I will remember to take a picture directly after my third session but be warned it won’t be at all pretty!!

photo 4

My face is wiped down, cream applied and hairband removed. I love my ‘Something about Mary’ fringe! I’m ready to go home.

I disappear sheepishly through the back door in order to avoid having to walk past the beer terrace next door. It was a glorious evening and West 10 was packed. I raced to my car which couldn’t have been parked any further away ! I didn’t want to scare anybody or truth be known bump into anybody I knew. I was bright red, my face literally on fire and sore to touch. Not my best look.

Generally my skin appeared to calm down quicker than after my first session and a couple of hours later I was still red but presentable (ish) D asked what I’d done to my face, I started to explain but I could see it was going totally over his head , so I just muttered ‘ a facial’. He pulled the ‘whatever’ face, went and sat down.

The next morning I had a few areas of redness and track marks but nothing that couldn’t be covered. I’m always surprised that having seen how much blood there is / how awful my skin looks after a treatment that within 24 hours it looks almost normal. Radiant even. I do tend to break out a little but these tend to be in the form of white heads that go as quickly as they came. Today is a week after treatment and my skin is definately looking better. The texture and skin tone are more uniform.

Its not cheap (£275 per treatment or £750.00 for 3) however I think the results and pain will be worth it in the long run.What price beauty eh…

Until next time, Tracey x

2 thoughts on “Derma Roller Update – Session 2

  1. Greg says:

    I was in west ten last night before going to gusto….I live round the corner from here.. I’m going to have to look out for your 3rd visit..!!!! xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Oh gawd don’t !! I look horrendous. I wouldn’t want to meet you looking like that. Hee hee I’m so vain !! It’s pretty scary though, I’d look ok in a horror movie 😉 hope you well xx

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